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July 30, 2016

Bullying and Girls: A Time for Discussion

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Bullying and Girls: A Time for Discussion

The issues of bullying, harassment, teasing and intimidation
were discussed, role played, and even acted out through
artwork and acting. Twenty young ladies from elementary thru
high school participated in the presentation:
“I Will Survive Bullying” developed by
William Jackson educator with Duval County
Public Schools and Professor with  Edward
Waters College.

Arranged by Journey Into Womanhood held at
Community Connections in Jacksonville, Florida.
JIW a program designed by Mrs. Coleman-Moss
(Empowerment Resources), the mission is
to “empower youth and their families, but to
establish community partnerships and expose
families to community resources.”
Empowerment Resources Inc

Empowerment Resource’s Journey Into Womanhood™ (JIW)
provided an interactive presentation with William Jackson
(My Quest To Teach) to discuss bullying and cyberbullying,
harassment, teasing and intimidation. Mr. Jackson a teacher,
presenter on Social Media, Internet Safety, Youth and Technology,
and Guest Host on BlogTalkRadio designed an interactive
presentation called, “I Will Survive Bullying” focusing
on self esteem, bullying prevention, nonviolent strategies,
empathy, local laws and self confidence when dealing with
bullying and other forms of harassment.

This presentation was attended by 20 young ladies from
elementary to high school. The young ladies all had
experiences with teasing andbullying, but at various degrees.
Some were bullied because of their clothes, some their hair,
some even because of the color of their skins (Colorism).
Colorism is not a new form of bullying, but a
dangerous form of inter-cultural racism.

This workshop provided an opportunity
for the young ladies to talk about the seriousness of
events happening at schools locally and nationally. The
information shared was guided by a discussion from
current school topics and questions that youth
have about why they maybe picked out and bullied, the
appropriate nonviolent responses to bullying, involvement
of teachers and administrators and communicating with parents.

The use of Social Media was integrated into the discussion
because of the increase of CyberStalking and CyberBullying
through computers, Smartphones, and other devices that have
access to online content. Teens major mode of communication
is with electronic devices and CyberStalking and CyberBullying
along with Sexting are growing.

Educators and administrators are the first lines of
deterrence for bullying in classrooms and schools, the
young ladies shared their lack of trust for many teachers and
administrators because as students they feel they are not taken
seriously about this issue that is creating an atmosphere of fear,
mental and emotional trauma and missing of school.

Studies of bullying by various organizations found that
students threaten repeatedly suffer from various forms of
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that is commonly
associated with combat veterans. Several students in high
school openly stated that teachers have disregarded
their reporting of bullying that students receive in schools
and are fearful of violence because “no one takes it serious
at my school” says one high school young lady. They do not
want to be labeled as “snitches.”

Statistics show that students are stressed,,
“77% of students experience bullying in some form: mental,
verbal, or physical.”

The incidents that can be measured are determined by the
regularity of the events. If bullying is consistent and
continuous there is cause for alarm and intervention at
schools. Students may feel imprisoned if subjected to regular,
consistent and continuous bullying.
They may feel no way out of what they perceive as a
trapped situation creating stress that builds and may cause
mental and physical challenges.

Through the efforts of organizations like Empowerment
Resource’s Journey Into Womanhood, young ladies can talk
about incidents of bullying and build strategies to deal with
and prevent potential incidents.
A very important element is that students have a parent or
guardian to talk to, to have a mature adult that values what
the student feels and acts upon their stresses by inquiry
and finding solutions. Stated by several young ladies the
support from parents is very important. Knowing there is
someone they can go to and share how they feel and values
their feeling empowers them to be strong and confident.

Schools need to provide support in more ways because
traditional strategies are not working.

Empowerment Resources Inc.

Bullying in School

Bullying Resources

Understanding Bullying and Violence

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