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July 27, 2016

Developing Black Superheroes through STEM and STEAM Education

Developing Black Superheroes through STEM and STEAM Education
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College – Educational Technology and Social Media
Graduate of South Carolina State University
and instructor with Edward Waters College
Summer camp at America’s Little Leaders
in Jacksonville, Florida


The educational matrix is changing to infuse hands on learning
and cognitive development that is building thought leaders and
content developers. Ours is a “knowledge based” economy and
if people of color and culture are not at the tables of STEM and
STEAM educational development they will not have any economic
power or equality because they will lack the skills to contribute
in the areas of economic development.

Many people talk about sitting at the economic, educational,
political and commerce tables of global influence, people of
color and culture are quickly learning if they are not at the
tables of influence in creating opportunities of employment
and global contribution they will be eaten by those that command
the tables and make the decisions what is on the menu to
consume or discard in the garbage cans of the world of technological
growth and development.


Children of color and culture are being challenged because the
traditional jobs of the past that require hands on agricultural
and industrial works are fading. Dyeing are the careers of
physical labor that African Americans at one time could obtain
to support themselves and their families. What is required now
are “thinking, reasoning, application and development skills.

STEM, STEAM, STREAM and the other acronyms that are used
to describe the work related skills and abilities should not
be foreign terms to those of color and culture. They should be
household words connected to employment, empowerment
and educational growth that leads to economic equality.


This video is developed from a project that I created for children
of color and culture to embrace their future visions of
productivity and embracing their strengths and great potential
to contribute to the world.

Teaching children of color and culture that they do have a
place in this nation and the world. They are creating their
visions of empowerment, engagement and contribution to


Developing Black Superheroes through STEM and STEAM Education

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