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May 20, 2016

Africans are Building Their Unique Brand Part II

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Africans are Building Their Unique Brand Part II


Suggestions for African Branding:

1. Africans personal Brands should be self reflective of their
goals in business, commerce, education and entreprenuialism
What markets do they want to enter into or expand to should
enter into their Brand building.

2. African Branding should include what they want societies
local, national and international to see.
Planned work goes into building a Brand, it allows for
reflection and adaption to changing needs and what is available
to offer.

3. African strengths are in the potential to grow, to extend
out of the box of conventional imagination. The mind set must
change as the demands and imaginations of Africans change.
Innovation Innovation Innovation

4. Africans are finding their Brand is personal and leading
them on new journeys. It opens up additional questions:

Questions related to Brand growth…..
A. How do I want to expand?
B. How can I match a personal Brand to grow in to a
business brand.
C. How do I want Africans, Europeans, Americans and the
international markets to see me?
D.What makes me unique as an African?
E.My Brand identity is important why?
F.How can I collaborate with to expand my Brand?
G. What technologies are available that I can integrate to
share/spread my Brand?

Asking, then answering are foundations to building a strong
and influential Brand. Understanding your “Brand” how you present
yourself to others. Understanding your “Brand Identity” the
qualities that make you unique and different from others.
Africans must take the initiative to mentally grow in areas
not involved in and make academic growth by taking classes,
workshops, attend conferences and begin to network.

Africans that begin with a vision and start are already growing
in force so must see themselves as leaders. Vision is a start,
the journey allows them to envision themselves as growing
Presidents, Managers, Corporate Executives, Visionaries,
Chief Business Officers, Chief Brand Officers, Chief Engineers,
Social Media Visionaries, Chief Design Officers and the list
goes on.
Controlling your Brand helps you control how you are perceived
by others that want to partner with you and collaborate with you.
Perceptions manage the thinking of thinking people. Your
Brand can make you memorable, forgettable, nefarious or
notorious, the choice is yours.


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