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May 10, 2016

Blogging and the Connection with Achebe and Soyinka

Blogging and the Connection with Achebe and Soyinka
William Jackson, M.Ed. – Edward Waters College
Educator – Blogger – Content Creator

Chinua Achege

“I write because I enjoy it.”
Chinua Achebe

Listening to Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka and their
discriptions of being a writer, many of their reasons;
based on their experiences can be applied to blogging.

In a Chinua Achebe interview on “African Voices,”
Achebe is describes as being a writer and a “storyteller.”
Bloggers are telling stories that capture the attention
of their readers. Novice bloggers need mentors and role
models, not to duplicate or imitate someone elses skills,
but to create a writers foundation to build on, to find
their Niche.

As content creators and developers their (writers) craft,
giving birth to their Brand and understanding how to be of
service to their growing audiences. All bloggers are
important because they can connect in some way with their
audience, as their audience grows so does the ability of
the blogger to tell diverse stories, share information
and create content and builds a following.

Chinua, a dedicated educator always gives reasons to be a
writer. His explainations are right on point because he
has years of experience and exposure to the power of the
written word. He and Soyinka are not considered bloggers,
but craftsman in writing, both are accomplished, they
were politically active as can be seen by their short
stories, poetry and in their novels. They presented stories
based on their personal and cultural growth.

African writers are more diversely intricate than American
writers because the African struggle is diplayed in their
art. Writing is just one form, it is seen in music,
dramatic plays, artistic creations, literature and other
forms of creative expression.

Listening to CNN’s African Voices
key points are shared by Achebe the writer that has passed
several years earlier. His works still influence writers
of diverse colors and cultures. Covering several points
that: 1. Writers must have an over powering urge to tell
a story. Shared by Professor Achebe on many instances
when talking about the writers craft. He asks students;
What story do you wan to tell? 2. Another key point for
writers to consider is; That you should have information
of a unique story to share. This is why writers need to
be cautious not to repeat, the works of other writers.
Each has their own unique style and no matter how hard
they try cannot duplicate that style. If they do they
are creating a cheap imitation that people will quickly
recogniZe. This will ultimatley destroy their Brand and
credibility. 3. What you learn in the process of becoming
a writer, you consider the “effort” in the process of
becoming a writer. Examining these words there is a process
to becoming a writer, and in this case a blogger. What
process is being used and is it effective in reaching
the audience it is intended to?

A writers/bloggers Brand is built on their content, so
caution is needed, creating content that is passionate,
unique, informative and reaching beyond just words.
Writing expresses the passions of the creator, as the
writer/blogger grows so does their audience and their
Brand may change. This is why it is important for
writers/bloggers to attend conferences, workshops,
seminars and participate and contribute to them.

In addition to these writing is an expression of
the writers essence, they are sharing more than just words,
they are sharing themselves in their art. Reading their
art you can feel their passion and committment, the
journey they are taking to tell their story. Writers as
well as Bloggers share the diversity of the human experience.
Technology is a tool, it cannot create feelings, if anything
it sometimes dehumanizes emotions, but the writer through
their efforts can transcend the sterile environment with the
manipulation and cultivation of words, phrases, and even
alignment of sentences into paragraphs.

In the digital age writers, bloggers, vbloggers, podcasters,
content creators, thought leaders, microbloggers and the
other names continue to grow. Technology can expand the
voice of writing, it can share it with hundreds, thousands,
and even millions, but it takes that creativity, artistry
and innovation of the human thought to create and align
the words into thoughts that create an emotional and
psychological response.


I have been listening to Chinua Achebe, Wole Solinka and
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and others for years as a guide
to my own writing. Successful writers and now bloggers
develop their craft, not for money or fame, because the
power of words are from the soul. Wole Solinka has stated
that writing is a creative process that builds a spirit
of community. The writer is the “artistic medium” that
the readers learn from and are taken on a journey.
As a blogger of over 10 years I encourage novice
writers/bloggers to learn from the elder storytellers.
To gain skills and dynamic literary tools to grow into
their storytelling abilities. To read other works, listen
to YouTube videos of past writers and co-write with others.

Bloggers no matter the artisitc medium or digital platform
are important to sharing content and encouraging thinking.
Creative innovation is needed to keep abreast in learning,
growing and developing our craft as content creators.


“Chinua Achebe on the Power of Storytelling”

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