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May 4, 2016

Bar Camp and Sharing Dynamic Information

Bar Camp and Sharing Dynamic Information
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Wm Jackson

William Jackson, Teacher of the Year for 2015 – 2016
at Venetia Elementary School in Duval County Public Schools
and Adjunct Professor with Edward Waters College, teaching
Educational Technology / Social Media and STEAM in the
Education and Urban Studies Department speaks at
“Bar Camp” technology camp associated with Orlando
Technology Week in Orlando, Florida and attends the first
WordCamp of Jacksonville, Florida.

Attending technology camps, conferences and seminars
provides dynamic networking opportunities to learn from
diverse people with multiple skills and talents.  The expansion
of technology requires life-long learning and participation
in professional development opportunities. Teaching is always
a great way to evaluate personal knowledge and abilities.
Those in technology understand that being able to speak
about technology and share knowledge is invaluable to growth.

Mr. Jackson is a teacher, blogger, content creator and speaker
on the importance of creating positive online content for youth,
teens and young adults.  The use of Social Media platforms
and tools to build positive online “SWAG” for educational and
professional success of teens and young adults. Professor
Jackson speaks on Social Media Etiquette in his program
“Social Media SWAG” that encourages positive and productive
content online and teaches youth, teens and young adults that
their Smartphones, watches, tablets and other digital mobile
devices can be their best friend or worse enemy.

William Jackson

Using the example of the recent National Football League Draft
that students even in high school and middle school can cause
problems later in life with inappropriate digital content.
Their content can influence entering into higher education,
military service, employment and even the National Football
League Draft, other professional sports teams also view Social
Media platforms of potential and current athletes to evaluate
their ethical and moral behaviors.

Laremy Tunsil, has provided a valuable lesson to middle and
high school students about their Social Media content and
activities. Caution should be used when doing anything and
posting it online for the world to see. Taken from media reports
“The NFL Draft’s first round offered a longer wait than expected
for Tunsil, who was considered the top offensive lineman in the
entire class. A social media post drew controversy on the day of
the draft, which reportedly caused him to slide.” This cost him
thousands if not millions of dollars.

Mr. Jackson a regular speaker at the international conference;
“Preventing Crime In The Black Community” produced by
Florida State Attorney’s Office, May 25, 26, 27, 2016 in Miami,
Florida provides an engaging and interactive discussion on
preventing cyberbullying, the dangers of Sexting and cyberstalking
to teens in high school and college.

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

The presentations are an interactive dialogue that encourages feedback
and experiences by youth, teens and young adults attending, the
key statement is his tag line to allow youth, teens and young adults
to apply his wisdom as an educator, business owner, parent and
community activist.
“Your digital mobile devices can be your best friend or worst enemy
depending on how you apply those tools and platforms.” Wm Jackson

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