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March 15, 2016

A Trust Relationship Between African American Parents and Teachers

A Trust Relationship Between African American Parents and Teachers

The educational outcomes of all children matter. The educational
levels of parents and children influences neighborhoods, parents
are living in important times raising their children, businesses
look to invest in neighborhoods that children live and prosper and
receive a quality education.
If African American communities want to grow and want investments
they need to make sure their schools are successful and growing.
An educated community creates investment opportunities in the

Educational levels also contribute to the stability of economic
development and the levels of crime, neighborhoods can become
thriving and safe places or they can be filled with conflict
and self destruction. The mindset of African American parents
cannot be distracted from the value that education provides.

The gap in achievement levels will not shrink from just money being
thrown at the challenges that schools face. Money helps by providing
resources to service students and as a supplement to instruction
by teachers, but how much value African American parents have for
education is determined in each home and how they forge this in
their children. Malcolm X said that parents should be creating
a burning in their children to read and learn. In America without
education your not going anywhere.

African American families must respect education, trust educators,
encourage learning outside of the classroom and value their communities.
It can be seen across this nation when families and even churches
promote and value education in children the communities are valued.
When businesses see this they work to hire those that show a
willingness to grow and learn.

There is always a comparison of communities with regard to resources,
services and safety. When schools are examined they are a gauge to
the value of education, the respect for learning, the value of young
lives, and the re-investment in the African American communities.
These must start in homes of African Americans because
the more educated a community becomes the community can prosper
and grow. The children value their lives and the lives of others
more when education is a priority.

African American parents should understand it is in the best interest
of their children to learn and aspire to be educationally successful.
African Americans have the highest unemployment rate of this nation.
The numbers of young African American males and females finishing their
education are in flux and statistics are showing behaviors in African
American communities are in need of change. When fathers and husbands
and even boyfriends do not step-up to provide for their families, to
show children that education is important, families suffer. Both
parents must work together to show that the path to success is education.

Test scores do not fully show the levels of growth for children, but
parental involvement is vital for children to make the transitions
necessary to earn their high school diplomas. A “certificate of
attendance or completion” is not a diploma, it cannot open any doors for
growth into higher education, growth into employment nor for military
Parents need to continue to be involved in their children’s educational
growth even in high school and make the right choices for graduation.

15 Suggestions for African American parents to work with teachers
and for teachers to work with African American parents. If it takes
a village, then the village must work together for a common goal.

1.Teachers need to understand that teaching is nurturing new
learning in a student. African American children may not have
a global perspective of the world and may not know how to apply
new learning.
1. African American parents need to understand that teachers
are a wealth of global information and prepare African American
children to be global thinkers.

2.Teachers need to understand that sometimes the closest thing
to a role model outside of parents that some African American
children will come to is their teacher.
2. African American parents need to understand that education starts
at home and they are the first role models of their children.

3. Teachers must find a way to get parents to support and buy into
the educational curriculum especially when it helps the child.
3. African American parents need to build a reading library at home.
Provide resources that encourage reading and studying and understand
the schools learning curriculum.

4.Teachers need to bring in parents to help them understand the
seriousness of classroom management and their child’s success.
4. African American parents need to understand that their
children’s behavior affects the learning environment both positive
and negative. There is a difference between perceptions, realities
and expectations of African American children and learning.

5. Teachers need to show parents that they (parents) can trust
teachers with the education of their children.
5. African American parents need to trust teachers and
promote positive relationships with school and home. There
needs to be an equal agreement with parents and teachers to help
children to be successful.

6. Teachers must share the value of democracy in children to
show their students they are important to this country.
6. African American parents need to make sure their children
understand they are Americans and should value education.

7. Teachers must show respect for all students no matter
the zip code, community and neighborhood. All students are
7. African American parents need to teach their children
that their journey is important not where they are now, but
to have goals to work towards.

8. Teachers must understand that sometimes conflict comes
with children and must present a safe learning environment.
8. African American parents must not be in conflict with their
communities to the point where conflict travels with their
children to school.

9. Teachers should always show a unified front that school is
a part of the community and there should be mutual respect
and dignity at all times.
9. African American parents need to educate their children
in the value of respecting teachers who are working for their
benefit to excel into a society that values knowledge,
creativity and innovation.

10. Teaches should bring in speakers from the community to
speak on the positive values of the community. Children should
feel they provide something positive to their community.
10. African American parents should understand that learning
also takes place outside of the classroom in their communities
and neighborhoods, to take advantage of museums, libraries
and cultural events.

11. Teachers should always have high expectations for their
students and let parents know this.
11. African American parents should understand why teachers
have high expectations for their children’s success. African
American parents should demand the best for their children
in school, and allow the school to teach their children.

12. Teachers should show their students the diversity in
their communities and why this is important. Teachers
should show that America is strong because of its diversity.
12. African American parents should teach their children
about the realistic diversity they experience in their lives.

13. Teachers should understand the importance of strong
communities and the quality of strong education.
13. African American parents need to understand that their
communities are only as strong as the education their children
receive from schools. Investments come as their communities
grow and are see as valuable.

14. Teachers should celebrate their scholars in class and those
that are showing improvement throughout the academic year.
14. African American parents need to celebrate their scholars not
just the athletes and entertainers. Scholarship needs to be
celebrated with passion. Scholarship outlasts athletics and is
more valuable.



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