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March 1, 2016

The African American Hashtag

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The African American Hashtag


What kind of vision do African Americans have of
# – Hashtags passing through a digital decade?

Defining the African American experience through
hashtags has become a way of sharing experiences
and telling a story, technology has opened doors
so that African Americans across this nation can
highlight their accomplishments, share their
challenges, testify to their blessings, reflect
on their setbacks to be setups to future success
and even plan their come backs.What better way to
share a life than with hashtags. A personal
exclamation point for the world to see what your
about and who you associate yourself with.

The sharing of content allows for the uplifting of
African American people, the challenge is the definition
of the hashtag of African Americans. Having difficulty
in defining African Americans. African Americans still
have a challenge in defining themselves, coming to
terms with being assimilated to a culture that
intentionally blinds and distracts them
from a unified vision and a unified purpose.


The statement, “Where there is no vision, the people perish,”
is seen as content is created in the randomness of chaos
that is sometimes prevalent on the Internet, and in some
cases confusion as to the direction of African Americans
of this nation. The powers that wanna be only caress
African Americans with promises, trinkets, that allows
temporary pleasure in being falsely accepted and needed.

Look at how some African Americans run to political
candidates and seemingly bow down asking for the candidates
blessings and acceptance only to be ignored again in the
political process that looks at African Americans as a
temporary comodity to be discarded when they are used to the
pleasure of others and not needed because their votes have
been taken as easily as police are killing unarmed African
American boys and girls, but these same politicians are
unwilling to do anything about it. Blacks keep voting for them.

What hashtag can stop the killings, to put an end to racial
profiling and even change the stereotypes of African American
men and boys? Collectively African Americans can make a difference.


If other cultures can get the media to change their depictions
why can’t African Americans? Maybe if African Americans stop
running after the latest DVD of an entertiner that calls
their mothers, sister and daughters ho** and bit****. Maybe
if African Americans stop spending their monies on Air Jordansz
or the most expensive weave or even chemical treatments to make
them look lighter and whiter. Take those same dollars and invest
in educational and entreprenurial foundations to invest
in their young people. Build African American boys and girls
into financial brokers, political lobbyist and international
business men and women. The hashtags will change for
African Americans


How can people get mad at Beyonce when she expresses her
right to speech and is criticized because she speaks out
for her African American brothers and sister and when
whites do it about endangered insects and animals they
are celebrated. This shows you the value of African
American lives comparied to insects and animals. Wake up
African Americans… The Oscars are showing you the reality
that we can entertain them, we just can’t earn their respect
to be represented.

Look at the Presidential elections of today, African
Americans are again having their egos stroked because
someone else needs their vote, but offers no more progress
than a dog would receive from its owner for being trained
to go the the bathroom outside.

What is the vision for African Americans in the
hashtag of this digital expansion of technology, and
an expansion of so many Social Media platforms. African American
children need to understand that just because you have
access to global resources does not mean you have to share
your life globally especially if it will cause problems
later in life with higher educational entrance and employment.
Wny would you show the worst of yourself and your community
online when you alienate yourself by placing violence to the
world that already is fearful of your expanded exhistance.
Cities like Jacksonville, Florida will expand police activity,
but won’t expand employment opportunities to the teens that
need it. Where is the re-investment in communities that are
suffering the most, what educational opportunities in
STEM, STEAM and STREAM are there and coding?


The lessons of technology are slowly being learned. What is
the vision of integrating technology to enhance and better
the lives of African American children? There is an incredable
attraction to tech by children, toddlers, and even infants,
but what direction will they take beyond games, Apps, music
downloads, gossip and entertainment? What kind of job opportunities
will be available beyond texting, Facebooking and Snapchatting?

Vine and Periscope are dominating the digital airwaves and
Wi-Fi signals are transmitting over trillions of bytes of
data of African Americans personal stories, but what
benefits does this technology create for African Americans
or is this just another opportunity for people of color
and culture to show just how messed up they are from
colonization and assimilation?

When was the last time youth and teens told their
own story, shared their dreams and aspirations about
survival and perseverance to thrive beyond
just surviving. Too many children of color are satisfied
at just living day to day instead of living for a
secure and comfortable life. If #BlackLivesMatter then
that means EVERYONE must buy into it, they must invest in
#BlackLivesMatter and must stand up for justice.


#BlackLivesMatter must be a vision of now and the future.
The importance of having a vision can be seen throughout
history; a # hashtag vision for African Americans motivates
and focus now in the present.

This is not a put down or throwing dirt at parents, schools or
society in general, it is a call for parents of color and culture
to use their mobile technology for the betterment of their
children. Too many children today do not have a vision beyond
their circumstances, parents do not have a vision for
their homes beyond their issues and experiences.

The hashtag is a brilliant tool to promote unity and create
strength with connections and growing a network, but when it is
filled with self demeaning images, videos of destruction and words
that hurt and destroy it is hard for the world to take seriously a
vision for African Americans that only use technology
for foolishness and self destruction.

Rest assured Hillary knows how to stroke the egos of African
American families using Social Media with hashtags of empty promises,
family members that attract thousands just to “be seen” or ignoring
the true needs within the African American community.

What hashtag will you use to define yourself, your community, your
neighborhood, your family and your life? Mines is and will always
be #MyQuestToTeach to help children of color and culture better
themselves either directly or indirectly through access to
educational resources and using technology.
Will you allow someone else’s hashtag to define you or will you
create and build your own?

#AfricanAmerican/Black youth

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