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March 1, 2016

Educational Technology 250

Pro. William Jackson
Educational Technology / Social Media / STEAM

Social Media is expanding the voice of youth, teens and young adults globally.
Teaching my educational technology students the finer points of integrating
Blogging and Social Media as a platform of expression and sharing information.
Guiding my students through a myriad of using technology to grow their
technology skills.


Why HBCUs should integrate technology into their educational curriculum’s
is a profound question that allow HBCU schools to provide the instruction
necessary to use the technology tools and platforms to prepare students
to be life-long learners and grow to be innovators, creators, though leaders
and educators.
My students were asked this question and below are links to their sites
with diverse answers.
Answers provided by my #EducationalTechnology class at Edward Waters College

Students Blog Sites:

William Jackson, M.Edu.
Instructor – Educational Technology
Edward Waters College

Edu Tech 250
#EducationalTechnology – Edward Waters College

Preparing students

Preparing future students for higher education and #STEAM / #STEM Careers


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