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February 29, 2016

Fathers Are Important to the Learning of Children

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Fathers Are Important to the Learning of Children
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College – Jacksonville, Florida

Real Talk Real Change “Who’s Da Man!!?”
Continuation of “Who’s Da Man” the roles and
responsibilities of man and fathers. This discussion
needs to continue.

Panelists on Real Talk Real Change VII
Crystal Smith Lewis –
Alvin King –
Reylius Wonderfulcounselor
Andrew Tate III –

I have written previously about the importance of fathers being
involved in the learning of their children, the consequences are
seen in the behaviors of students that are directly affected because
too many fathers are not taking responsibility for their children and
seem not to care or even love their children. The academic records,
behavior charts, suspension records and juvenile justice data shows
that the absence of caring and loving fathers is influential and
contributory to these behaviors.

The physical and heart breaking scenes are when students in classes
are crying because they have not seen their fathers for days or weeks.
When boys lash out violently in school or in their communities because
they think their fathers don’t love them, because they do not interact
with the man they think will be there to teach them how to be a man
and protect them. Girls that run to man after man looking for that missing
piece of safety, security and love that only a father can provide. These
are real issues faced by children, experiencing when fathers leave their
families either because of divorce or other issues and leave behind their

Children need their fathers in their lives for social, academic, emotional
and psychological stability and security. The 2015 – 2016 school year is
over 100 days, several report cards have already been distributed, there
is little to none statistical evidence with school districts that shows if the
absence of fathers affects school success for children, but report cards
and assessment data shows there is a gap in learning and success.
Fathers are very important in helping to raise children and laying a
foundation for success in life.

“The influence of a father’s involvement on academic achievement
extends into adolescence and adulthood. Numerous studies find that
an active and nurturing style of fathering is associated with better verbal
skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement among
Fathers and Their Impact on Children’s Well-being, Jeffrey Rosenberg
and W. Bradford Wilcox 2006

“Fathers can and do change the world one child at a time.”
William Jackson, M.Edu.

Suggestions learned from a father, educator, mentor and community
activist to my brothers that are fathers and learning to be better and
to help women understand why their children need their fathers, so
long as their fathers are positive, involved and transformative in their
actions and intentions.

Real Talk Real Change VII was a moment that should be a movement
in Jacksonville and make transformative change in our community.

1. Fathers respect your child’s mother, you and she created the best
part of both of you.
2. Fathers respect your child’s teacher(s) through your actions and
words: One way to support education is to model respect for teachers
and administrators.
3. Fathers spend time in the school mentoring, modeling and even
attending field trips. Fathers can spend lunch time and even study
time with children at school.
4. Fathers listen to teachers not talk at them, education is a team effort.
Fathers must trust teachers to tell them the truth about their children
even if the truth hurts or challenges making changes to discipline.
5. Fathers discipline with Love, fathers must have love in their hearts
and minds and discipline fairly and with love.
6. Fathers must be willing to be role models and mentors.  Fathers are
the first role models, even when they don’t think kids are watching.
Actions speak louder than words.
7. Fathers are Teachers. A father teaches by his actions not always
by his words. Fathers can establish the foundation for future success
if they set high expectations that are reasonable and obtainable.
8. Fathers should share meals, breaking bread gives children a time
to bond with their fathers. To see them at a time where there is a
common interest.
9. Fathers Read to their Children. No matter the fathers reading
level father and children can learn together. Fathers can create a
learning / reading environment showing the importance of reading
and comprehension.
10. Fathers Show Affection. Fathers cannot afford to be “hard” and
unemotional, they must show emotions because their children will
learn from them. Fathers should show their children love and
compassion because in the world this helps develop our humanity
and build community.
11. Fathers need a closer relationship with their spirit and souls.
This influences their children for inner reflection and growth. Reading
the bible shows wisdom not weakness, God made man first
for a reason.
12. Fathers Job is Never Done

Fathers must always be involved and contributory. Contributions
are not just monetary, but the foundations of love, trust, honesty,
compassion, sympathy, respect and being human beings. Fathers
must be available in good times and bad, to share their wisdom
and common sense.  Imagine a world where all fathers
are engaged and active………..
Sadly in the 20th century the father’s role has been declining,
to the point of blatant disrespect
and denial of his ability to not just provide, but contribute to his
family and his community.
“A father’s influence was increasingly seen as minor, even
negligible, his importance is being defined by how well he
provided for the family not with his wisdom and spirituality.”
Ditta M. Oliker Ph.D. Ditta M. Oliker Ph.D. “The Long Reach
of Childhood”

Fathers are important because if more fathers were actively
involved in homes, society and with the education of their
children most of the problems education experiences would
be not there. The media is wrong in its depiction of Black
fathers and fathers of color and culture, there are more
doing the right thing than the wrong things.

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