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February 14, 2016

Part 2“How to Create A Menace To Society “


Part 2 How To Create A Menace To Society:
for parents, law enforcement, educators and others that
see children as investments and not commodities.
Collectively we cannot allow our children to be lead the
wrong way. Communities must unit and unify to help
guide children away from crime and towards educational
opportunities early in life.

The road to academic success is paved with academic
challenges, struggles, successes and transformative changes.
Parents are key to their children’s success and growth into
lifelong learners. Educational preparation begins in the womb
of mothers. Teaching the right way to go cannot wait until
age 4 or 5, it must start at birth.
The world is changing at the speed of thought
and parents cannot wait until their children are ready to
start school to begin teaching their children the foundations
of reading, writing and arithmetic.
Learning is a continuous process and it is easier to teach a
young child that can be guided and nurtured than trying
to teach an older child or young adult already set in their
ways and habits.
These suggestions are measures that parents should
look out for to prevent children from going the wrong way.
Usually how to suggestions are full of inspirational messages,
these are references to things parents should not be involved
in any way.

  1. Parents, don’t allow any academic foundation in your home.
    a. no reading from infancy to toddler stage.
    b. if parents want an uneducated and illiterate child don’t
    allow any type of reading or literacy practice.
  2. Mothers don’t allow the father to teach.
    a. destroy your sons and daughters perception of their father
    by talking badly about their father and being negative about
    his life and teaching ability.
    b. allow only information that shows men being irresponsible,
    lazy, ruthless, and having criminal behaviors.
    c. if the father is paying support and contributing to the children
    make it harder for him to be actively involved.
    d. allow another man or woman to talk about the father using
    profanity (bad words) in front of the children.
    e. as your son or daughter gets older let them hang with the
    neighborhood drug dealer, known criminals or other potential
    trouble makers to model bad behaviors and reinforce disrespect
    and defiance.
  3. Parents dress your daughters 3 to 4 years older.
    a. teach girls to act older and how to attract men.
    b. teach girls to have multiple boyfriends to show girls how to shop
    for a sweet daddy, baby daddy or thug.
    c. teach girls that babies equal EBT cards and public assistance
    (free money).
    d. teach girls how to barter and trade for favors with food stamps
    and sex.
    e. teach sons to only date girls that allow them to disrespect them,
    beat them, sexually and mentally abuse them.

    4. Teach children early that disrespect is cute and funny.
    a. allow your child to talk back to you at home and public.
    b. allow your child to throw fits of rage when they are
    encouraged to read.
    c. teach your child to curse instead of thinking intelligently and
    speaking intellectually and articulately.
    d. allow children to watch R, PG, and even X rated movies.
    e. allow children to imitate adults that are bad influences.
    f. encourage your child to beat up the good kids in school.

  4. Teach children to disrespect authority. One of the important
    lessons a child can learn is what respect and how to earn it
    and give it.
    a. teach children they deserve respect even if they don’t show it.
    b. teach children they are owed something even if they have not
    worked for anything and have not achieved anything.
    c. teach children not to respect their teachers, law enforcement,
    and other adults whose career is to help them.
  5. Invite children to get in adult conversations and situations.
    a. encourage your child to imitate TV personalities that they see
    on Empire and other programs for adults.
    b. teach children that they can learn about all life’s answers from
    television and the Internet.
    e. teach children that women need to be beaten and disrespected
    by being called Hoes, Sl**s, Bi***es and other words.
    f. teach children that men need to be disrespected by being called
    Thugs, Dogs, Gangsta, Inmate, Ni**a and other words.
  6. Teach your children about police and jail.
    a. teach your children that law enforcement likes to use them as
    target practice and they should run when they see the police.
    b. teach your children that it is fashionable to have a criminal
    record and dress like they should be stopped and frisked.
    c. teach your children that judges, prosecutors and law enforcement
    hate Black children and the poor.
    d. teach your children that the best sex is jail sex.
    e. teach your children that there is a jail cell waiting for them
    and the boys will have a boyfriends and the girls will have
    girlfriends in jail.
  7. Parents be an Un-Enabler and destroy your child’s confidence.
    a. parents always take your child’s side even if they are wrong.
    b. parents make your child believe that mom can fix anything and
    dad is weak and impotent.
    c. baby your child and reinforce the “I can’t attitude” especially
    in boys.
    d. teach your children that they will be just like the other parent
    in all the wrong ways. Enable a spirit of hate, low self-esteem,
    no cultural identification and reinforce colorism of self and
    cultural racism.
    e. teach your child the ghetto is where they will always be.
    f. teach your child that gangs are their extended family members.
    g. teach your child to lie to teachers, law enforcement and ministers.
    h. teach children that their fathers are just sperm donors or the
    mothers eggs were spoiled and rotten and so are they.

It takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when the
village is dysfunctional and its family morals, family values, and
family ethics are dysfunctional?
Too many African American communities are growing increasingly
violent, less forgiving of diversity, and authority is being challenged
in schools and even churches. Children are not being taught the soft
people skills that encourage empathy, kindness, patience, forgiveness
and acceptance. Lacking these skills creates a perception of not only
conforming to the societal expectations, it creates a barrier to being
able to adapt and work in a diverse cultural global community.

This is not only happening in the Black or African American society it is
with others. Parenting is about teaching children to be better than their
parents, not to stay in the same place and face the same challenges.
How can the African American culture grow if all that happens is to
consume what is “eye candy” and name brand items that do not
contribute to academic growth, financial stability and political connectivity?

The information “How to Create A Menace To Society” is not a blue print
to any realistic individual or group, but cautious words resulting from
seeing elements displayed in children that are not nurtured, valued,
loved and prayed for as they should be.

It is hard to encourage cultural pride and family unity when African
Americans have been beaten, and even killed to deny who and what
they are. To destroy family unity and cultural pride. What will happen
after 50 more years, will African Americans still struggle with the same
issues or will they finally wake up?

Here is historical information about how African Americans were treated
and programed. This must be reversed in the African American community
in order for cultural unity and growth. The late Dr. Edward Robinson
used the correct term “prisoners of war, not slaves,” in his discussion on
why African Americans do not know their history and being denied
knowledge that could free their minds.



Part 1 “How to Create A Menace To Society “
“Education is only a ladder to gather fruit
from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself.”
A. Einstein

The struggle of leading our children in the right direction
seems to be lost in this world of instant gratification,
disrespect for parental and spiritual authority and even
challenging the authority of human rights of people
as they are killed with no remorse or conviction by
children, teens and young adults. When someone is
murdered their human rights are extinguished.
Even education does not hold the same value as it did
decades ago when African Americans were denied,
beaten, and killed for wanting to be educated.
This transcends generations of colorism, each generation
is challenged with the distractions and enticements of the
world. Sex, drugs, violence, instant gratification, and
glamification by girls and even women to outdo in style
and fashion their sisters in shows like Atlanta Housewife’s
teaching and modeling young girls and women that are
gullible enough to think this is how to behave in the
real world.


The materialization of children plays a role in manipulating
the thinking of children, youth, teens and young adults.
There are so many distractions for our youth and influences
that children, teens and young adults seem lost in trying to
satisfy the world instead of following what is right and good.
The music that is broadcast encouraging girls to “find the bad
boys,” to love the thugs and live a thug life and “boys to git
wit hoes and bit****,” to make as many babies as possible to
please their sexual urges is what our children are exposed and
listening too. I may receive criticism, but look at the academic
and societal challenges too many children are having. Look at
their values for life and rebellious behaviors.

Looking at the media that falsely accuses parents of not teaching
and raising children, teachers being too hard on students and not
caring about them are false messages, but are heard by youth, teens
and even young adults through the media.
This raises serious questions about the values that are being
taught through the media to children that are still developing
their own personalities, establishing morals and ethics. Parents
must be careful in what their children are exposed to, who
their role models are and what is being projected as cool, hip,
right and sexy.

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Listening to “The Souls of Black Folks,” “Up from Slavery” and
“The Mis-education of the Negro,” African Americans are
running fast towards assimilation and acceptance of
cultural practices that are not their own. Too many African
Americans have forgotten where they came from culturally
and the continuous struggles for equality. There is confusion
in African American youth, teens and young adults in what is
equality, acceptance, tolerance, respect and assimilation in
this nation.

As Black history is celebrated I challenge parents to have their
children, teens and young adults listen too:
“The Souls of Black Folks,” “Up from Slavery” and
“The Mis-education of the Negro,” to get a library card in the
process to show how important learning is. Parents be that
positive role model that your children need.

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“How To Create A Menace to Society”
this is not an attempt to suggest these can contribute
to the corruption, mis-education or misleading of youth,
but an attempt to show that youth and teens need attention,
love, encouragement, fair and loving discipline. The first educators
are parents and even other family members, family can contribute
to the success of boys and girls. Parents must be responsible,
held accountable and dedicated about the business and love in
raising their children. Parents should aspire for their children to
pass them in educational success, financial stability and
having stability in their careers, in today’s society.


Parents even though they may not have a degree, must encourage
their children that the best way to be successful in life is to be a
lifelong learner. This does not start in high school it starts when
the child is born. Reading to infants and as they develop to toddler
stage introducing them to books, having a library at home where
children can put their hands on books, not just tablets or computers.
There is power in holding a book, there is ownership and a sense
of responsibility when children can carry their books and read to
empower their thinking and perceptions of the world around them.
Teaching a child to read, allowing them to be a part of the learning
experience and showing them how to take ownership of their
reading by taking them to libraries, museums and cultural events.
The world will lead a child in the direction of self-destruction and
cultural denial, if a child is not taught, mentored, provided good
role models. Parents need to be on point with their commitment
to be actively involved and stay involved so their children can have
a foundation that will build independence and growth.

How To Create A Menace To Society
Parental responsibilities are real and the pressures of
society create unrealistic goals for parents to follow
and youth to act on. These resources are available for free
at your local libraries. Take advantage of them.
The Soul of Black Folk 1
The Soul of Black Folk 2
The Soul of Black Folk 3
The Soul of Black Folk 4
The Soul of Black Folk 5

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