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February 4, 2016

Blogging and Writing Just Do It……….

Blogging and Writing Just Do It……
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Nikki Giovanni and William Jackson
Nikki Giovanni and William Jackson 2015

The conferences that I have attended for the past several years have included:
Blogging While Brown, the Niche Parent Conference, Florida Bloggers and
Technology Conference, Bar Camp, WordPress Conference and EdCamps.
The writers I have been honored to meet like Nikki Giovanni provided great
wisdom and knowledge……..
So many opportunities to learn and show the importance of content creation,
collaboration and developing “thought leadership” abilities.
The ability to write cannot be taken lightly, proper writing skills
demonstrate the ability to form words, words into sentences, sentences
into paragraphs and paragraphs into levels of intellectualism
to be mentally digested by the reader. The skill of putting words
to paper or computer word processor has to be practiced and
made relevant if youth, teens and young adults are encouraged
to write.

Jamie Broadnax and William Jackson
Jamie Broadnax and William Jackson

Blogging is a passion and a desire to create original content in
multiple formats. The diversity of technology allows for using
different types of technologies that involve Vlogging (vblogging-
video blogging), Micro-blogging (Twitter), Podcasting (audio)
and growing forms of digital platforms.
The action of writing/blogging is tantamount in telling a story,
sharing information and expressing ideas. Content creation is
important in any media whether it is newspapers or the
diversity of blogging, microblogging and video blogging.
When a youth/teen begins to write/blog there are several elements
they must be made aware of; writing is the primary basis upon
which they will work when employed and continuing their education.

Members of Tom Joyner Morning Show Team

Members of Tom Joyner Morning Show Team

Tom Joyner Morning Show Team

A teen’s intellect will be judged and scrutinized in
high school, in college, in the workplace, and in the community
because of their writing.
I have blogged over 10 years, some lessons that I have learned from
my experiences, collaborations, networking, and attending conferences,
workshops and seminars to build and sharpen my skills are listed

Teaching Blogging and Social Media with Empowerment Resources, Inc.

* Writing expresses who you are as a person, it shares part of
you with the world.
* Writing shares intellectualism and shows your intellect, the more
you write the more you learn the difference between each.
* Writing allow your thinking visually to the world.
* Writing inspires your ability to pose worthwhile questions.
* Writing nurtures your ability to embrace higher order and
critical thinking skill sets.
* Writing helps you refine your ideas when engaged in
discussions and sharing ideas.
* Writing requires you to research your readers, to understand what you can
do to help them.
*Writing is not just about you it is about the community you are building.
* Writing preserves your ideas, your emotions your thoughts. It opens doors
for reflection.
* Writing stimulates your ability to extend your line of thought to new areas.
* Writing helps you understand the importance and value of truth.
* Writing is a way to check your morals, values and ethics, think about who
you are and how you are developing.
* Writing modifies your communication skills.
* Writing is an essential skill period.
* Writing will encourage, force, inspire, entice and make you want to read to
improve your abilities in writing.
* Writing allows you to tell your story!!!!

Attending Blogging While Brown in Austin, Texas 2015


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