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February 3, 2016

HBCU Students: Magnify, Modify, Edify Your Brand and Abilities

Edu Tech 250
Educational Technology class 2016 at Edward Waters College

HBCU Students: Magnify, Modify, Edify Your Brand and Abilities
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
Educational Technology and Social Media Instructor
Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida

“Historically black colleges and universities are defined by the
Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, defines an HBCU as:
…any historically black college or university that was established
prior to 1964”
The competition for earning internships, scholarships, and employment
is a work of Branding, Marketing, Networking and strategically placing
yourself where you’re seen by the industry you’re interested in. Creating
a Brand that has SWAG and draws interest and attention to the abilities,
talents and skills of HBCU students. Mailing resumes is no longer an option,
being recognized, respected, and revered by employment recruits cannot
happen the senior year of higher education, it is a process that is built
from the freshmen year to graduation day.
Employment recruiters have changed the way they recruit because many
HBCU and PWI students do not have the necessary employment skills.
Too many HBCU students still don’t get it, that they need tech skills beyond
XBOX/Wii, Facebook likes, Instagram hearts, and others.
Employers are not looking for people who can just do a job, they are looking
for “Human Capital” that excel and have marketable skills that are beyond
just academic excellence.


In today’s corporate and academic world a bachelor’s degree is just a step
up from a high school diploma. The need is for advanced diplomas,
certifications and other critical skills that are needed in a global economy.
Skills in Social Media, Digital Media, Literacy Media and the list continues
when dealing with digital environments. Young corporate talent must Brand
themselves with multi-talented skills that are marketable, scalable, diversified
and bring value to their “Human Capital” as graduates or soon to be graduates
of HBCU’s.
To understand the skill sets needed HBCU students need to view the employment
resources or want ads and view the skills necessary before they can even get
invited to an interview. HBCU students must have the critical thinking and
higher order thinking skills necessary to build on.
HBCU students in too many cases do not have the knowledge skills out of high
school so the use of remedial programs for HBCU students are necessary.
Instruction in my Educational Technology class is not based on assessments
it is based on real life project development, using YouTube to reinforce
instruction, I use student lead instruction and project based learning. Students
have ownership and are held accountable. HBCU students must know how to
participate in learning communities as in educational environments and
corporate environments where productivity matters.
HBCU students are learning that if HR staff are not excited and are not attracted
to the potential candidate(s) they lose out so they must ramp up their articulation,
speaking and presentation skills.


Referencing videos: HBCU students should care how they are perceived,
employers are looking for people with solid tech skills, and soft people skills
for great customer service, diversity is being embraced more because people of
color and culture are out growing PW’s (predominantly whites).
HBCU students need to understand they are life-long learners, they cannot
stop learning, growing and reaching for more opportunities.
HBCU students connect with career counselors for resources that match the
academic, intellectual skills sets to get set for graduation so once graduation
is completed they can jump right into a position waiting for them.
One of the best things HBCU schools provide is a comfort and a unification of
culture and spirits. A quiet urgency to learning and growth, quoted from
Memoirs of a Young Black Woman, “Some (Blacks) are still in the dark and
have become so comfortable, not to mention assimilated in society, with
the way society perceives us and is blinded by small social injustices that
exist today.” This show that there is value and transformative opportunities
for HBCU students that are prepared and empowered with knowledge,
to understand who they are and where they have come from, this knowledge
allows them to grow in the future.


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