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November 13, 2015

Social Media Presentation at The Bridge

On Tuesday November 10th 2015 I presented a #SocialMedia presentation to
The Bridge of Northeast Florida.
The audience ranged from elementary to high school students and later their parents.
The discussion was to bring awareness to the benefits, dangers and challenges of #SocialMedia
for youth, teens and young adults.
This is a part of my SWAG in Social Media Curriculum that I use when I speak at conferences,
workshops, seminars and churches.

I try to emphasis as I state several times that what youth, teens and young adults
post, in many cases is permanent and may hurt them later in life when applying for
Internships, scholarships, and starting a career. Social Media posts can also build
a personal Brand, by sharing knowledge, creativity, innovative ideas and
collaborative opportunities in the community or even the church.

Higher educational institutions and even the military have searched Social Media
sites to determine many attributes of potential employees and the current workforce.
Their mental, emotional and even family stability will influence work production and
their relationships at work. This may predict future struggles or successes depending
on they dynamics of the persons support system.

The every day pressures of life on people can be seen on Facebook,
read in Twitter and seen in Instagram photos and on videos posted on
SnapChat, Vine, and now Periscope.
Social Media is not the place to put your personal history and personal
Parents are the role models for their children and should be able to talk
to their children openly and honestly about the dangers and benefits
of Social Media. Parents should set realistic and flexible expectations and
rules for accessing Social Media sites, Smartphone and other digital device
Youth, teens and young adults should be taught not to share what goes on
in their home with the world, the world will not love them and respect them
like their families will. The world can be a dangerous and unforgiving place.

Law enforcement is even viewing Social Media sites to
help solve crimes, predict crimes and protect potential
victims of crime. The use of Social Media has become
the digital windows that the world can look into a person’s
life and follow them.

As I start each of my presentations: “Your cell phone can
be your best friend or worse enemy, by the content that
you post online.” Wm Jackson

I hope this information is beneficial to parents, youth,
teens, young adults and even professionals. If there
are questions or requests for speaking engagements
please contact me at:


YouTube Video of Presentation

Video taken by students attending this workshop. They had an opportunity to be involved and engaged
in the workshop to help build connections.

Additional Interviews and Speaking Engagements

Saturday, November 14th 2015
Eatonville Branch Library
Orlando, Florida

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