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October 16, 2015


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Are You Losing Your Mind? The Depths of Autism and Alzheimer

Al Letson,
Arbus Magazine, March/April 2015
Today, I learned a good friend of mine passed away. He’d struggled
with depression for a long time, and I guess it became too much to bear.
He committed suicide yesterday, and his family and friends are devastated.
Normally I wouldn’t post this sort of thing here: It’s personal. But mental
health is a huge problem that we as a country have yet to deal with.
If you are hurting, please, please reach out.
I know its hard, but reach out. If you know someone who is hurting, as
hard as it is, get them help.
Please. It’s a matter of life or death.


Taking a closer look at mental health issues that society is dealing with
and medical science has a clinical definition and diverse treatment options.
Autism and Alzheimer affects the most sensitive and important part of the
human body……………. The Brain. The center of what is ultimately each of US.

AAMHI will be hosting their next Symposium on Saturday, October 17th at
the Community Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Jacksonville, Florida at 10:00am.

The topics will focus on Alzheimer and Autism. While Alzheimer’s is not
considered a mental illness; a person can still experience some of the symptoms;
(ie depression, agitation, hallucinations, etc.). The AAMHI wants to shed a very
“bright” light on Autism; which is affecting so many of our children! These children
are attending schools that are public, private and charter. Their services are
unique just as each individual child is unique individual.

Parents are concerned that their child(ren) are receiving them best educational,
clinical and medical services available so these young people have an equal
opportunity to services and a productive life as others.
There will be Testimonials and Speakers who will be sharing valuable insight and
information. Answering questions and sharing resources.

Professional Speakers that will be present are:
Sherri Peterson Walker
Alzheimer Ambassador for the State of Florida

Shelia Christie
Autism Advocate Medical Professionals

Doris Chance
Physician Assistant

Dr. Mia R. Wilson, Ed.D. LMHC, NCC, MAC, CAP
Owner — Private Practice Sankofa Behavioral
Health Services –

We literally need to adopt a “VILLAGE” mentality to help heal TROUBLED
minds in our homes and communities; neighbor helping neighbor, people helping
people; being, in essence – “Our Brother’s KEEPER”!

Ann Marlow
CEO & Founder
African American Mental Health Initiative (AAMHI)


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