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October 15, 2015

25 Ways to Building an Internet Ministry in the Church of Christ

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25 Ways to Building an Internet Ministry in the Church of Christ
by Information Technology Ministry and Social Media Visionaries
of Westside Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida

Implementation Strategies to start, run and manage an
Evangelistic Internet Ministry in the Church of Christ

  1. Are you passionate and dedicated about serving God?
    Too many people say they are, but fail to carry through
    over an extended period of time. They lose the fire to be
    a servant and be of service.
  2. Are you willing to be obedient to God’s Word?
    When working to help build the kingdom you must
    understand the direction God wants you to go. Be in
    prayer about all things first.
  3. Are you willing to read, listen, learn, comprehend and pray
    about his Word and not yours? You’re not working for
    personal gain, you’re working to hear and comprehend
    what God wants you to do to help build and add members
    to the Body of Christ.
  4. Are you willing to communicate using digital tools with those
    who don’t know Christ or the Lord? Building the kingdom
    means going to the highways and by ways not just where
    you’re comfortable. Digitally you have to go to where the
    people are and minister to them.
  5. Are you sure of the vision, mission and goals of the Ministry?
    The ultimate goal is to “Save Souls and Keep Souls Saved.”
    You must be willing to follow the church ministry leadership
    not your own ideology.
  6. Are you willing to build an active online evangelistic ministry
    that is consistent and transformative? God first…. God is the
  7. Are you willing to keep the ministry leadership updated
    and informed about the progress of the online ministry?
    Communication and unity with leadership are important.
    Leaders should have input even if they are not knowledgeable
    about the Internet.
  8. Are you willing to learn beyond the basics of Marketing
    and Branding of Social Media platforms? Technology
    requires consistant learning and growth. Attend
    conferences, seminars and workshops about technology.
    Attend conferences on ministry to continue to learn to
    understand the Word of God and grow to improve yourself
    and what your working to improve with your works.
  9. Are you willing to share your knowledge with others?
    Church of Christ has Lectureship conferences, sharing
    the gospel and interpretation. There are other needs
    in the Body to learn how to apply technology to spread
    the message of Christ. Many people still struggle with
    how to be a Christian in today’s world and how to apply
    the scriptures to everyday life.
  10. Are you willing to ask questions when you don’t know
    the answers? Communication is important between
    Elders, Deacons and Ministers. There should be an
    agreement of the direction of the (ITM) Information
    Technology Ministry and as the (SMV) Social Media
  11. Are you willing to build the infrastructure
    necessary to be successful in online evangelism?
    Having a strong infrastructure allows for growth and
    of service to the church.
  12. Can you use various Content Management Software
    platforms directly related to Social Media?
    You have to understand how to apply the right tool(s)
    to the right application and audience.
  13. If required are you willing to be the face of the
    ministries Social Media presence? In ministry
    relationships are key. At Westside Church of Christ
    people know the ITM because of the Social Media
    postings and interactions. We are accountable and
    responsible. It is in support of ministry not us and we
    the ITM must take responsibility and are held
  14. Do you understand what God is calling you to do?
    Internet Evangelism is ministry, so you must be prepared
    by studying the scriptures, participating in ministry
    and learning.
  15. Do you understand what God is calling you to do?
    You have to understand that this is ministry to
    praise God, not a person or people. Don’t get it
    twisted, people can see right through your actions
    online and who you are promoting.
  16. Do you understand the resources needed (money,
    technology, infrastructure, time, personal
    management) to accomplish and establish a
    Social Media presence? It takes planning and
    a strategy to implement and execute effectively.
  17. Do you understand who your target audience is,
    talk to your leadership.. The leaders of the church
    feel the pulse and have the relationships to help
    guide the evangelistic ministry.
  18. Do you know what platforms you will use?
    Diversity is important in implementing Social
    Media platforms. You do not have to be an expert,
    but knowledge and know-how go a long way.
    Sometimes it is good to experiment also.
  19. What Bible translation(s) will be used? These are
    the things to consider when establishing a Social Media
    presence for your ministry. When scripture is used, what
    online reference are you using so people can follow?
  20. Is there a way to respond to emergency requests for
    prayer or counseling? Can the sick and shut-in be
    engaged and “feel” like part of the services.
  21. How will the platforms be managed and by whom?
    It will take a team to work together, if not that person
    can be overwhelmed or burn out quickly.
  22. Will there be a survey, instructions, links and
    other information for professional development
    for the members of the Body to learn how to
    use each platform? Allow the Body to voice their
    opinion on the content and the messages being
    shared through Social Media.
  23. Will there be workshops and seminars to teach
    others? Professional Development is important
    to share the how and whys of Social tools.
  24. How close will you work with the leadership?
    Get as close as possible because complaints may
    to through them before you.

25. Don’t let personal issues, personalities or other
personal business manage the application for
ministry in the Body of Christ.
Your service is the reward for serving God, he
is the Alpha and Omega and sees your works.

Invitation to the Fall Gospel Revival at
Westside Church of Christ


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