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October 5, 2015

Teen Leaders of America – Social Media Marketing and Branding

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Teen Leaders of America – Social Media Marketing and Branding
by William Jackson, M.Ed.

Having a serious discussion about Social Media with teens is becoming just
as important as talking to them about sex, drugs, finances, driving and
potential involvement with law enforcement. Youth, teens and young adults
cannot be given free rein on the Internet without training, counseling and
realistically behavioral expectations because of the potential of harmful
content that may have serious effects on the mental, emotional and even
physical conditions of our children.

The Internet has grown in influence to where the content of people of all
ages, backgrounds and genders are judged by the content they post, people
will view the tweets, videos, pictures, Facebook posts and other content and
make judgments on the type of person teens are. There may be influences
that try to influence behaviors, alliances, and even change morals and
values, involvement with gangs (foreign and domestic), extremist organizations
(like ISSI), and pressure to Cyberbully and even involvement in Sexting. These
dangers will have future consequences with teens seeking employment,
entrance into higher education, military service and even establishing careers
in the future. As I tell the youth I talk to “Social Media can be your best
friend or worse enemy, when establishing your SWAG for careers and
higher education.” William Jackson, M.Ed. Edward Waters College

The workshop with Teen Leaders of America – Social Media Awareness workshop
addressed teaching students of the positive and negative effects of Social Media;
and educating those in attendance on how to use Social Media for Networking,
Marketing and Brand development.

Having a serious and at times humorous discussion about #SocialMedia,
students are being held accountable and responsible for their #SocialMedia
content by future employers, schools, law enforcement if there is an
indication of Bullying/Cyberbullying, Sexting and involvement in criminal
activity. Teen Leaders of America program is held at Edward Waters
College the oldest Historically Black College (HBCU) in Jacksonville,
Florida. William Jackson is a instructor at EWC teaching Educational
Technology with a component of Social Media and STEAM.

Teen Leaders of America was developed by Marcia Brown and more information
about this engaging program can be found at:

“You can create any persona you want to online. Amazing and sad
that ppl cut out parts of their being so that they can get business!
(or look better than they really are) @amourcarthy
Amour Cathy, Ed.M
#SocialMedia defines you and creates prejudgements based
on your posted content. Be true to who you really are. @wmjackson


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