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September 28, 2015

Strategies to Help Dads when they visit School

Strategies to Help Dads when they visit School
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
Father, Educator, Community Activist, Mentor,
Speaker, “Teacher of the Year 2015”
Participant with 5000 Role Models in
Duval County Public Schools

Dads, announce that you would like to visit the classroom and
to eat lunch with your child(ren), contact the schools office and
your child’s teacher to find out their requirements for visiting.
Don’t make your visit on any special school day, make it
on a regular day so there will be no distractions.

Dads, be humble and go with the flow of school, schools have
a lot of scheduling with resources and academic learning. If you
get lost in the shuffle or confused just ask what the routine is for
the day.

C. Dads, bring some small cash, this may be needed for lunch, so
don’t think that you have to have a lot of money to eat. Most adult
lunches are $4.00 to$6.00; call first to find out. Work with the
teacher to maybe provide snacks for the kids as an incentive for
good weekly academic and behavioral performance.
Your stock as a dad will go way up!!!!!

Dads, dress casual, a nice shirt and jeans works well. Everyone
will know you are a dad so you do not have to advertise it.
Don’t show off, make a fashion statement or flaunt.

Dads, even out your time if you have more than one child. Be
prepared to go to lunch more than once during the day. You have
to be fair to all your children.

Dads, have fun, Smile and enjoy your day. A lot of
students and teachers will smile at you, make sure you smile back
and be genuine. Don’t be coy or fake.

Dads, guide your day with your goals in mind. I hope this blog
motivates you to visit your children’s school before the holidays.
Too many fathers just “drop” their children at school and don’t
go inside the building. Some dads don’t know the teachers name,
the Principal, but claim to be involved.

The National Fatherhood Initiative:
“Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly
more likely to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem,
exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk
behaviors such as drug use, truancy, and criminal activity
compared to children who have uninvolved fathers.”

Dads, honor your child; this is their school, say good
things to them and about them. Make nice comments.

I. Dads, involvement in the classroom is optional at first.
You can volunteer to help, but if you are unsure don’t worry
about it until next time. Just being there means a great deal.
Look to join the PTA and contribute.

J. Dads, jokes are definitely out. No jokes about the teacher,
school, lunch or anything.

K. Dads, keep the conversation simple. Kids remember
everything that you say, so do not make promises you may
have trouble keeping.

Dads, laugh and enjoy the day, you may have to laugh
at yourself from mistakes, but that is ok.

M. Dads, “Mama Drama” or “Baby Mama Drama” should not be
brought to school. I have experienced this personally and it is not
fair to the child or children. If there are problems sometimes you
have to swallow your pride and make another trip to the school, so
plan to be there when you can enjoy and talk to your child without
drama. Remember it sometimes takes a Big man to back off.
Be the Bigger Man and a hero in your child’s eyes.

N. Dads, notice how your child acts, they act differently
when home and school. Don’t look surprised by their actions
remember the “apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Dads, tell your kids you are proud of even
small accomplishments.

P. Dads, don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Q. Dads, questions are good if you do not know what is
going on at school and take the time to meet the administration.
Don’t assume anything because we know what happens when
that happens and meet the important people of the school, the
secretaries and the custodians.

R. Dads, resist the temptation to ridicule, put down or make
negative comments about other children, teachers, and
administrators. Your children will change their opinion
about you and repeat what you say.

Dads, seize the moment; this is a special time for
your child and they will remember you coming and
expect consistency on visits.

Dads, temptations will arise do not let into them.
Don’t flirt with teachers or other adults.

U. Dads, understand your role as a parent, to provide
the best educational opportunities for your child.
Work with your child’s teachers not against them.

V. Dad’s, voice concerns only during parent teacher
conferences and make sure you have all your facts
correct. Read the Code of Conduct completely for
the correct information.

W. Dads, watch your surroundings, there are a
lot of little people walking around, be careful
where you step.

X. Dads, exercise caution when expressing your
opinions. Don’t set yourself up to eat crow later or
have to apologize your actions and words reflect
on your child.

Y. Dads, you are your child’s first teacher so if
there are deficiencies in areas find out how you can
help the teacher with your child. Listen to the
teacher they spend 8 hours a day with you child and
know them academically and their behaviors.

Dads, Just Do It, Go visit your kids in school.
Register to volunteer and contribute in some way
that you can.


YouTube Video on 5000 Role Models.

Dedicated to the 5000 Role Models Movement throughout
Florida. Fathers your presence is needed in the schools across
this nation for all colors and cultures.

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