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September 24, 2015

What You Need for the Florida Blogging Conference – Updated

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What You Need for the Florida Blogging Conference

What You Need for the Florida Blogging Conference – Updated

Having attended the FlBlogCon for several years and even
taking my sister Dawn with me once (she was more popular
than me that year), I have learned a few thing and want to
share my experiences as an attendee and a past presenter
at the Florida Blogging Conference for Educators.

Shoutout to my sister Dawn……

Attending the  Florida Blogging Conference, there is so much energy,
excitement and fellowship you have to make sure you keep
an even keel on your emotions or you can get carried away.
The hype is real, the excitement is contagious and the
presentations are relevant in today’s technology rich
educational and business environments. There is an
international element as well because foreign bloggers
are learning about the great resources, awesome speakers,
wonderful sponsors and the professionalism of the volunteers
of the conference.

The vision of Bess Auer
Bess  Auer – founder, creative genius, and unparallelled
thought leader of the Florida Blogging Conference is a
true visionary for this conference and other business
ventures addressing Branding, Marketing and Social Media

Bess Auer
About Bess
WordPress site

I learned what to bring and what not to bring as a presenter
and attending the conference. It can be an overwhelming experience
attending for the first time or even the second time. There is so much
to learn and participate in that sometimes you can get flabbergasted.

Some of these suggestions are humors, some serious and all
can be applied to the conference.

I Love This Picture…

Here are some suggestions that I hope are helpful.

1. Make sure your Smartphones, IPhones are fully charged,
during the conference put them on vibrate or mute. Don’t
be embarrassed by a surprise call during an important
presentation that kills the mood and atmosphere.

2. Make sure your tablet, laptop or other electronic devices
are fully charged and have enough memory for all the photos,
videos and selfies you will be taking.

3. Business Cards, what can I say, bring a hole bunch of em
to hand out. You never know who you will be rubbing
elbows with, eating lunch or sharing resources or a laugh.
That person can be the ticket to a new career or expanding
your dreams in new directions.

4. Shoulder bags, for all the cool stuff you will accumulate.
Don’t show you’re a newbie by bringing a Target or Wal-Mart
bag that is a definite no no….

5. Mints, bring some to stay awake after the awesome lunch
and to share with others to strike up a friendly conversation.

6. Cologne or Perfume, please don’t over do the do…..
with how you smell. Be kind, some people may have allergies
or sensitive noses. Dazzle people with your smile and wit not
with your choice of e-toilet (bad French).

7. Dress comfortably, you’re not going to a club or to pick up
men or women, (if you get lucky kewl), but remember what
you’re there for. Dress for success and relaxation.

8. Bring a jacket for inside, the AC will be pumpin and
bumpin. Adults are like kids we generate a lot of heat when
there is a lot of us, especially when we get to talkin about
awesome techie stuff and new toys…

9. Socks, if you know your toes will get cold bring some socks
to keep the toes and feet comfortable. It is better to have them
ready in your bag than to suffer later.

10. Bring plenty of pens/pencils to take notes and a tablet or two.
When appropriate share with someone, that person you
share with maybe a new business partner and “sharing is caring.”

11. Power Strip, to share electrical outlets, this is a good networking
ploy and “guys” you can use this to strike up conversations with
all the cute and smart ladies. It is also very nerdy and geeky,
the chicks love it…..

12. Lotion and Hand Sanitizer, AC dries the hands and you will be
shaking a lot of hands from different people. Nuff said…

13. If you wear contacts bring eye moisturizer, if you wear glasses
bring wipes to keep them clean.

14. Headphones to listen to voice mails. Be professional and
courteous to others, not everyone needs to hear your conversations
on your phones.

15. Comfortable shoes to walk from one session to another or to run
if your running late.

16. Tissue for when your nose starts running, eyes get watery or
other physical/human events. This always happened at conferences
and is most inconvenient.

17. Small brush or comb, if you run into that person you swear
is your soul-mate, you wanna clean up that appearance really
quick, and you may be asked to be television or radio. A small
bottle of mouthwash may be necessary too.

18. Toothpicks or toothbrush for after lunch. Let people remember
you by your smile, wit, humor and knowledge, not the green
stuff in your teeth.

19. Again mints and fully charge your batteries.

20. Cough drops too….

21. Plenty of notepaper or a microphone to record sessions, ask first
if you can record, just to be courteous to the speakers.

22. Full tank of gas to get to the conference and home safely.

23. If you have never been to Full Sail University Google the address
ahead of time, check the weather and even traffic reports.

24. Have some loose change and a few 5’s and 1’s just in case
you want to tip the speaker or give a love offering.

25. If you take legal medications take it on time, the
appropriate dosage and no alcohol. If you indulge in other
stuff, wait until after the conference so you won’t fall asleep
or pass out.

26. Bring your smile, your best welcoming demeanor and your sense
of humor. We are all attending to learn, network, have fun, make
new friends, share our experiences and expertise.
No one likes a mean person that spoils all the fun, let’s get
along to have a great time.

****Hope this helps and shoutout to my sister for making some advice to
update this blog and make it better….

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