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September 6, 2015

Future “Agents of STEAM”

STEAM workshop at Florida State College by me at the Advanced Technology Center 2015 Summer

Future “Agents of STEAM”

“Education is only a ladder to gather fruit from the tree of knowledge, not the fruit itself.”
A. Einstein

Sharing my presentation at Florida State University with students from DCPS
and a summer STEAM / STEM program. I was proud and honored to be invited
to speak to them this summer.

The summer provided many opportunities for students in middle and high school level to
participate in learning opportunities that delivered a chance to engage in new levels of
learning. Summer STEAM programs are a great opportunity for students to have a chance
to ask questions, share career ideas, learning about growing technologies and even work
in teams to create potentially new entrepreneurial companies.

Learning opportunities such as these open doors to dreaming of careers and educational
opportunities never thought of before. The learning initiatives of STEM, STREAM, CSTEAM
and others helps to share the excitement of the components of Computers Science Technology
Reading Engineering Arts and Mathematics working in collaboration to help make learning
fun and relevant.

During the academic careers of students from elementary to high school, students will
engage in all of these areas in one form or another, too many do not understand the connection
and empowerment to future careers that any of these areas has. Students cannot just focus
on sports, entertainment, cosmetology and service careers to sustain them and their families,
they need a career plan with continuing education.
Technology plays a key role in how students will be prepared for higher education, military
service, employment or even being underemployed because students feel they are not smart
enough or talented enough for the components that make up the skills needed for 21st century

My Educational Technology class at Edward Waters College where I incorporate:
Social Media, STEAM, Educational and interactive technologies.

Teachers need to be trained as well to create an environment that is student centered for
learning not just teacher centered for instruction. The paradigm is changing for instruction,
just look at Japan, China, India and other countries. They are exporting “human capital,”
individuals that are skilled in how to integrate technology and are competing with American
students for high tech, high salary careers not just jobs.

During my time with the middle and high school students at Florida State College in Jacksonville,
Florida in the Advanced Technology Center, was a great place for students to see how learning is important for their career choices and how technology influences their employment chances.
In this world students cannot afford to be complacent and easy going about their education.
Cities are becoming technology hubs of growth, advancement, innovation and research &
development centers. Look at Orlando, Florida with the Florida Blogging and Technology
Conference (, I attend
every year to learn and enhance my tech skills I also attend:
Blogging While Brown
WordPress Conference
Bar Camp Technology
workshops and more. I love to share what I have learned.

Me speaking at Florida Blogging Conference in Orlando, Florida

If children want to be members of a progressive society they need to be involved in STEAM,
STEM, STREAM and educators need to be trained on integrating each part in the instructional
process and parents need to be educated on new careers for their children that will provide
high salaries, stable employment and keep children from returning home from college graduation.
I have two in college and work with them to guide their career decisions to grow into
independence so they can stay independent not struggling and coming back home to live.
According to focusing on careers, “The number of job openings is staggering
(for these skills), women and minorities aren’t too interested in STEM jobs, only because
they are not taught about them or exposed as they should be.” The paradigm is changing and
because of growing community programs men, women and minorities are growing interested in
these positions. Children need engagement, interactivity and a hands on approach to learning.
STEM, STEAM, STREAM and other curriculum’s are student centered and require engagement,
and interactivity with other students and the integration of technological tools.

Black Male Explorers class at Edward Waters College 2014 Summer shows the potential to career growth and high salaries.

As I continue to speak to groups of students of all grades there are other educators that are contributing to educating boys and girls to computer programming, coding, web development,
creating Apps, graphic design and even robotics. It will take continued exposure and
encouragement for minority girls and boys to grow and contribute in an ever changing world.

My STEAM Presentation with input by students on new careers
they developed. These are middle and high school students.

Idea 1 Arts in Science from STEAM Workshop
Video 2 Dojo for Self Defense Training
Idea 3 Mindtricks STEAM Initiative
Idea 4 Supporting Africa STEAM Incorporation
Inspiration quotes for girls and women in STEM / STEAM

Black Inventors

A Real Agent of STEAM – Taylor Richardson of Jacksonville, Florida

Alton Yates and Taylor Richardson – Past Agent of STEAM and Future Agent of STEAM


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