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August 20, 2015

Readers Theater: Connecting to Literacy, Learning and Comprehension

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Readers Theater: Connecting to Literacy, Learning and Comprehension
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Readers Theater IT Manager
Social Media Visionary

The importance of literacy can be seen in the reading and comprehension
scores of thousands of school age children across the nation in assessments,
and in data collected to evaluate reading levels of school aged children.
Literacy, comprehension, phonics, storytelling, visual word and letter
recognition, audible recognition of letters and words all play an influential
part in reading success.

A quote by Fredrick Douglass shows how valuable reading is,
“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

The accountability and responsibility of establishing a reading foundation
for children is with parents, the expansion of reading readiness and
application to learning in an active and engaged learning environment
is created by teachers. Reading with understanding, reading with
comprehension, reading with a purpose is important to creating an
atmosphere of discovery, curiosity, excitement and literary
expansion beyond the classroom. Students need to have books in their
hands to appreciate and respect reading. Computers/technology cannot
replace books.

Teachers create an atmosphere in school to encourage reading and
comprehension; they do not in most cases make reading fun. The
educational application shared with students is that reading is vital
to be engaged into a culture of reading. Ambeth Ocampo stated that
“School made us ‘literate’ but did not teach us to read for pleasure.”
The pleasure of reading needs to come from home, where the student
spends their family time. Parents should be prepared to encourage reading
by having a reading library at home, materials can be magazines, books,
and other types of literature to engage their children in reading.

How important is a free library card, take a child to the library and let them
explore the age appropriate resources and see the expressions of excitement,
intrigue and adventure on their faces. The challenge should not be getting
them to read, the goal should be getting them to read with comprehension,
purpose and enjoyment. Parents need to have appropriate resources
to encourage exploration and adventure, to increase the natural curiosity
of children.
Libraries are effective, the diversity of libraries, museums and cultural
centers direct reading for a purpose in exploration. Determining what a
child is interested in is easy, just ask…

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