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July 31, 2015

What is STEAM and Why Parents Should Care

What is STEAM and Why Parents Should Care

The world is changing, the incorporation of technology will
not stop in our society, the integration of technology is
changing how we function in this world. The engagement
of educational initiatives that will train children for the
future is ever progressing and creating a transformative
paradigm shift in how teachers teach even the basics of
educational foundation.
Children must be prepared for careers not even available
now and be able to solve complex problems that will
challenge our ability to function in an ever
changing world.

The earth is much smaller because of digital communication,
satellites that use infrared, radar and microwave technologies
to survey millions of miles of land, sonar technologies that can
“see” in the deepest of oceans and seas. The same satellites
that have their digital “eyes” aimed at deep space and even
new tech that can detect movement of animals and intricate
weather patterns. Providing weather predictions for weeks
and months in advance.
All provided by the growth and integration of academic
elements being taught in schools across this country.
Because  technology has advanced it is important for the
engagement of tools to be fused into educational initiatives
are connected, but each has a powerful individual effect
in our world.


These is infusion of science, technology, reading, engineering,
arts, math and in some cases medicine. The goal is to engage
the whole child and foster high achievement in all areas, ”
as defined by STE[+a]M, a website created to share information
about the blending of arts and sciences. The past error in thinking
was that each of these elements was separate and unequal.

The new thinking is that STEAM creates a curriculum that embraces
all these elements to allow students to hone their personal skills
and advance in areas that are new, but just as important.
The new way of thinking after studying of the brain that shows
creativity helps students to learn. The artistic development and
the scientific techniques are complimentary than first thought.
The blending of these skills requires students to engage in creative,
critical and higher order thinking that supports collaborative and cooperative learning.
Learning that pushes and challenges, and brings about success
that is transferable in advanced areas of appliance and application.

Many careers are now influenced from STEM curriculum’s that
help determine the paths for students. Educators, artists, and
scientists recognize the importance of blending the arts and
sciences and believe that this can lead to richer student learning.
STEAM is complimentary with 21st artistic, scientific and
technological century skills. There is much more than just
teacher centered instruction, the student must be the center of
learning and involve the “4 Cs”: Creativity, Collaboration,
Critical thinking, and Communication

So important are these elements and how instruction is
performed that the organizations of the National Science
Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and
the U.S. Department of Education are joining to make sure
current and future models of learning properly prepare
students  to be the skilled laborers this nation needs to
lead in the  21st 22nd and 23rd centuries.

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