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July 10, 2015

Learn2Earn Experience: A Lesson In Social Media Common Sense

Learn2Earn Experience: A Lesson In Social Media Common Sense
by William Jackson, M.Edu.
Instructor Edward Waters College
About Me:
Learn2Earn Instructor for 3 years……………………

Speaking to over 100 Duval County High School students participating
in Mayor Alvin Browns’ Learn2Earn Experience at University of North Florida.
Discussing Social Media and Social Networking safety is very important
because of the content that is created by students and posted on interactive
and dynamic platforms that can extend globally. Students do not realize
that they are being judged, evaluated and scrutinized even before they
meet people physically. The community already has an idea of who they
are either right or wrong through Social Media Content.

Social Networking is booming for youth and teens, it is on the
rise because of the integration of technology and its ease of use.
Content is important because of the ability to create an impression
and share globally and interactivity. Perceptions are important
especially when accessing Social Media content to show or show
off a skill, ability and talents. Branding a person’s talents and skill sets,
technology usage an ever emerging tool, expands the reach and
even influence of students.
It does not take a technology degree, or a marketing degree (learning
the basics is important) about the use of Social Media and Social
Networking platforms. The misconception for online use is joining every
social network, making thousands of friends, sharing personal information
and gaining multiple contacts, not applying knowledge correctly is a
danger to future opportunities.

Managing personal access and implementation of resources is
common sense, parents should teach their children that they do not
have to be friends with everyone and share personal information with
Social Networks are designed to be “Social,” there are guidelines that
should be established to keep everyone safe from predators and
stalkers like ISIS that are recruiting teens and young adults.
Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, and others are user
generated content creators meaning that the content is created by the
user. Sites like Twitter enable micro-blogging using content that contains
140 characters or less. Each is powerful and allows for diverse connectivity
with diverse audiences.

Students in the Learn2Earn Experience learned to manage their online
interaction, how important their content is, the social paradigm of
engagement; the importance of content and creating a positive perception
and positive presence online and what is Branding and how to
Market their Brand.
At risk is the delicate personal reputation and far-reaching perceptions
that create an online personality. Students need to learn that having an
online presence; “social media digital SWAG” does not mean that everyone needs
to know who you are, where you are and where you are going. These
connections allow collaboration on projects and services that teens would
never have imagined only 5 years earlier.

Learn2Earn students have an advantage to interact with experts
in their diverse fields, from Angela Spears (special assignment from
Mayor Brown’s Office) to educators and technology experts like myself.
Education, mentoring and being proactive is very important for parents.
Parents should not have to see on Facebook, SnapChat, Vine, and others
what their children are doing at home, in school or in their neighborhoods.
Parents should Google their teens to keep track of online content that can
keep them from earning scholarships, internships, deny job opportunities
and other opportunities that may be once in a lifetime opportunities.

Because of Mayor Alvin Brown, his vision for
Learn2Earn will continue to be
a success as students are exposed to positive
experiences, mentored by
professionals and guided to higher educational
careers, military careers or alternative career
opportunities that create
life enduring growth and development.


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