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June 20, 2015

Attending Blogging While Brown Conference in Austin, Texas

Monday, June 22nd 2015
Even though the conference is over I still feel it is important to share
the information that I gained from Blogging While Brown.
This week will be dedicated to showing pictures, video and links
to the wonderful and talented Bloggers, Microbloggers, Vbloggers,
Podcasters and others that are creating awesome, engaging and
transformative content.
I’m going to update this page, not delete anything from it at the content
expands. I hope it contains useful and beneficial information.
Wm Jackson

Saturday, June 21st 2015
My Instagram Journey
– Edited
Attending Blogging While Brown has been a blessing not just from the information
that I gained to support my efforts to improve my ability in creating content, it has
been a paradigm changer to help me to inspire my students either on the elementary
level and on the college level. The dynamic opportunities particularly for young ladies,
to show them through photos and video that the Black and Brown colors of the rainbow
are beautiful, powerful, intelligent, intellectual and creating a paradigm shift in how the
world sees Women of Color. Women of color are the growing content creators of the
21st century because of their interactions with family, friends, careers, children, life
experiences and other elements of life.

Natural hair, to kinky hair, to weave, to curly, to straight, it is a unique and creative story
of not just a story of hair, it is a story of strength, growth, maturity, pride, accountability
and responsibility. Young girls of color not only need to see the women attending Blogging
While Brown they need to learn their stories, learn how to overcome adversity. Blogging,
Vblogging, Podcasting are tools and platforms to make progressive and transformative change.

Young men of color need to see how technology can elevate them from their struggles and
give them a voice that can potentially reach thousands in a few  hours or days. Young
men of color can tell their stories through text, video and audio, not allowing mainstream
news to put a “spin or a lie” on telling perceptive truths, half truths or just using news bites
or snippets to shape and mold stories.

Each of us has a story and we should not allow others to tell our individual or
cultural stories when the platforms and tools of Social Media are available.
Don’t allow others to tell your story like you can tell your story.

A Blogging While Brown journey from a Black man that is a parent, educator,
content creator, and a Christian
My Instagram Journey

I would love to speak to educational institutions, churches and groups
that work with youth, teens, young adults about the importance of Social Media
content and how it relates/influences  employment, internships, scholarships,
law enforcement profiling, etc. 904 701 4957 –

20150619_084250 BWB

Blogging While Brown Conference

Learning how to take my blogging and content creation from a hobby
to a business. Black bloggers and bloggers of color (men and women)
need to learn that “You cannot build a empire on free stuff..”

Bloggers and content creators must understand,
“You have to have a business mentality not just a blogger and
content creation mentality.” Lamar Tyler BMWK

More To Come:……………

AUSTIN, TEXAS………………………
My tour of Austin, Texas…. as I attended the conference these are photos from my
walks around Austin,  Texas. Very friendly walking areas with paths, trails and sidewalks.

More to come…………


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