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March 18, 2015

Your Mind & Your Sanity – How Is Your Mental Health

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March 21st Flyer

Your Mind & Your Sanity – How Is Your Mental Health

The value of mental health and the stability of your mind are key
elements to leading a productive life. Mental Hygiene is valuable
in evaluating and re-evaluating are you where you need to be
in your mental health? When the circumstance of living,
misalignment of mental stability, chemical imbalances of the
mind, misfiring of the synapses and participation in alcohol
and illegal drugs create chaos and confusion, the fragileness
of the mind is seen.
Chemicals, electric shock, surgery and even hypnosis were at one
time seen as advancements in medical treatment for the curing
of mental instability. Seen today as barbaric at best, more
humane techniques are being used to diagnose, treat and even
at some degree prevent mental instability.
MHIAAC – Mental Health in the African American Community Inc.,
(MHIAAC) a national 501c3 non-profit agency that provides mental
and behavioral health education, awareness, support and referral
services for ALL families. Is a supportive organization that holds
meetings that openly talks about mental health issues. Focusing on
how the community can join together to bring awareness, solutions,
and change to the communities mindset on mental health.

A recent meeting invited the honorable Paula Wright School Board
Member and community advocate for education from Duval County
Public Schools. She was provided an opportunity to speak, her
address was important because it demonstrated the continued need
for community advocacy and collaboration with organizations,
schools, the medical community, parents and others to support efforts
like the MHIAAC.
Not waiting on governmental support or clinical evaluations of a wide
spread nature as to categorize and create a stereotypical situation
on a particular group, gender or culture, mental health is an issue that
involves all races, cultures, genders and lifestyles. Bullying and
Cyberbullying create mental health issues in children that last into
adulthood. Recent news media have shared tragic stories of suicide,
senseless murders and other situations only to later learn that the
person was suffering from a mental illness undetected by friends
and loved ones because of environmental conditions.
Recent news reports of youth and teens being bullied and harassed
to the point of speaking about suicide shows that more collaboration
needs to happen with schools and organizations like MHIAAC to
help youth and teens stop bullying and the physical violence and
even psychological violence they place on each other.

MHIAAC is celebrating one year of bringing awareness on Mental
Health in the community. Please join us on March 21st at 10:00 am –
12:00 pm 623 Beechwood, Jacksonville, FL 32206

Many changes like divorce, lost of a job, loss of a love one, medical
diagnoses, bullying, etc. can cause a state of depression. Depression
can be a temporary or permanent sign of mental illness. The monthly
forums are designed to provide resources and bring awareness.
What do you know about Mental Hygiene? This is our theme this month.
Our in-house chefs are planning a special meal exclusively for the
Saturday, March 21st meeting. Reply to this email if you are able to attend
and how many are attending with you. Did you know we are hosting a
mental health fair and walk? Let us know if you are interested in volunteering,
sponsoring, donating, walking, and help with the planning for
Saturday, May 30th 9:00 – 3:00 pm

Send a Facebook friend request to Jax MHIAAC
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Remove The Stigma…
Break The Chains Of Silence of Mental Illness In The African American Community
Sign our Petition at

Listen to this video of what others are saying about our organization

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