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February 10, 2015

Love Your Mental Health

Love Your Mental Health
by William Jackson
Ambassador for E3 Business Group
Supporter of Mental Health In the Black Community

The month of February is traditionally a month to celebrate Amore’ (love);
Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is a day of celebration for the feelings and
excitement of being in love, falling in love and celebrating love. This year
2015 the celebration and excitement is heading in a new direction from
the love expressed through the heart to the love of personal mental
health and wellness.

On Thursday, February 19th national attention will focus on Jacksonville,
Florida when Anthony Butler, Sr. Executive Director of E3 Business Group
facilitates the annual Real Talk… Real Change “Is It Me???”
The 6th annual event and is the largest annual community dialogue in North Florida.
The diverse panelists includes, the Founder and National President of MHIAAC
Carolyn McKenzie.
An engaged dialogue on the mental health status of Americans;
causes, treatments, stereotypes, generational curses, depression, PTSD,
and more.

The engagement of Mental Health specialists, care givers, families and
concerned citizens will have a positive and transformative discussion at
the Main Library in downtown Jacksonville, Florida for several hours of
interactive and engaged dialogue.

Real Talk…. Real Change is a nationally known and respected event that
has addressed serious and sometimes emotional subjects that should be
talked about. The discussions are “Real Talks” that encourage dialogue
on a personal level, clinical level, and societal level and even on
the political side of issues. No holds barred exchange of statistical data,
researched based evidence, personal stories and the integration of the
“human side” of mental health challenges and even success stories.

What makes RTRC different is the “Real Change” component that seeks
to bring about solutions, strategies, resources and networking connections
that bring about “Real Change” in the family, in the community and national
Recognized on a level of journalistic excellence RTRC has been honored by;
The City of Jacksonville, Florida State Attorney’s Office, Florida Department of
Health and Human Services, Florida State Legislature members and Senate
members. Cutting its teeth on subjects that people are hesitant to address,
but need to be talked about. Real Talk… Real Change is a valid arena for
discussion and dialogue.

The growing understanding is that when information is required on community
areas of discussion/dialogue/engagement E3 Business Group with its network
of business owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs is the place to go
to get things accomplished.

The subject of Mental Health in Jacksonville, Florida has been addressed
by the Jacksonville Mental Health in the African American Community
discussion group that has held monthly discussions on mental health issues
not just for African American’s although AA lack sufficient resources and
information to properly address the serious issue of mental health illness.
The MHIAAC are making strides to change the perceptions and stereotypes
of mental health, the stigma and even discrimination against those that
are challenged with mental health in gender, age, educational background,
economic classes and other areas that are serious influences to the
potential causes and potential cures.

To obtain additional information visit the Facebook pages of JaxMhaac
Email: or
Join Real Talk… Real Change VI
Thursday, February 19, 2015
Invited to join the Jacksonville, Florida’s largest community dialogue
as the issue of mental health is addressed.
The topic “Is It Me” – A Look At Mental Health & Wellness.
Real Talk…Real Change provides a candid opportunity
to discuss issues of relevancy and importance for
North Florida and Jacksonville communities.
The event will showcase local, regional, and national
authorities and provide opportunities for organizations
to gain volunteers and support from citizens.

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