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January 11, 2015

The New You in 2015 for Girls and Women

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The New You in 2015 for Girls and Women
by William Jackson
Advisory Board Member of Empowerment Resources

This New Year of 2015 offers new opportunities to move forward in your lives as young ladies and young woman.
Young ladies must understand that they are more powerful than they could ever imagine.The time for self-doubt, low self-esteem and low academic abilities should cease just as 2014 ceased and 2015 begins. It sounds easier written
here, it begins with having personal high expectations for yourself. Even if you do not hear it from your friends
and family start believing in yourself.

“Remember in all the worlds, in all the galaxies, in all the universes there is only one of you.
Think about that, how unique you are.” William Jackson

Life has constant change and as a young lady you must prepare for change through education
and hard work. Work hard to become the person (young lady / woman) you want to be.
Apply your natural abilities and talents, spread your wings in 2015 and continue your journey
to being the woman you ultimately want to be, to accomplish this use the positive influences
around you. The successful women who are contributing to their families, their communities,
their places of worship and even where they are employed and volunteer their time. These
women are awesome role models and inspirations. Life has its challenges and its happiness,
sometimes you do not have total control, but if you have faith in yourself and follow your heart,
your conscience, and those you have a strong trusting and honest relationship use your
resources to overcome challenges and rise to where you want to be.

Quote by Bobby Umar, “You can either react to change, embrace change or create change.”

Challenges only slow you down; they cannot stop you only if you let them. The dangers
of low expectations allow you to settle for second or even third best. Once you decide
to settle, to allow your dreams and wishes to be compromised and tossed aside it will create
conflicts and self-doubt in you. Do not allow friends or family to make you lower your
expectations for YOUR success. You only have one life, make the best of it; working to
overcome mistakes, challenges,negative people, you must strive to do better each day.


” Make a difference about something other than yourselves.” Toni Morrison
Establish a good reputation by volunteering your time; young ladies, teens and young
women should volunteer their time to help others, give back to their communities to ensure
a future of positive change and community building. Listen and learn from senior / elder
women that have experienced life and willing to share their success stories, the keys to
overcoming challenges, challenging people and denying self-doubt in themselves never
question your purpose in life, everyone has a reason for their life in this world.
Use all knowledge and take ownership and responsibility to mature and become accountable
for your actions. People will remember you for your kindness, honesty and self-sacrifice to
accomplish goals in your life and to help others accomplish theirs. Give back to your community.
2015 is a new year to throw away old habits and people that keep you down and drain your
happiness, energy and spirituality. Do not allow people to use you, take you for granted
nor abuse you for their gain. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, or let everyone into
your life. You have the power to choose.

Quote by AudreLorde, “I ‘am deliberate and afraid of nothing.”

Because of your uniqueness you do not have to follow the crowd, you do not have to blend in,
and you do not have to conform to stereotypes by the media, movies, TV, advertising and
the small mindedness of those that wait to see you fail. Be the leader, the trend setter,
the entrepreneur and the visionary you want to be.

The future waits for no one and the universe continues to expand. Grow your SWAG, expand
your territory and build your dynasty to have a positive influence in this world. Be a part of
something bigger than yourself so you can encourage other young ladies and women who
need to see your light of triumph and success. To inspire others to reach their goals and
overcome their personal and societal challenges.
As a father of a daughter in college, brother to a sister, mentor to two wonderful young ladies,
educator in elementary education and in higher education I hope these words inspire young
ladies, girls and women to move forward to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

” If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the
one to write it.” Toni Morrison

“Fathers you are important in your girls growth and
development, so stay involved whether in the home
or not.” William Jackson


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