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November 6, 2014



A poem dedicated to the relationships of mothers and daughters and
supporting the Mothers and Daughters Conference……

A mothers and daughters relationship is sometimes like fire and
ice, being a father I cannot fully understand the compassion and
love that mothers and daughters have for each other. One minute
cold as ice the next minute hot, combustible, and even explosive.
Remembering my sister and our mother was a mystery to me how
they did not destroy home and property, the changes of this
relationship centered on my mother with the wisdom of life and
experience, my sister the volatility and explosion of youth, lacking
in discipline, but still embracing the love of a mother for that
protection and nurturing. I was told mothers and daughters
around the world were like this. I could only dread and shiver at
the thought.

The Stress of Life

Oil and water separated by chemical solutions, mothers and
daughters sometimes a volatile mixture of emotions,
similar to oil and water, in the same space, but not making a
connection, each demanding recognition and respect for the
area they work to make their own.

Their chemistry similar, but yet different, one stable in their
maturity and roles the other growing and developing not
understanding their potential and combustibility to consume
space and time.

Fathers can only watch as mothers and daughters share
a bond, one a woman the other developing into one. One
settled into her role as a nurturer, provider, and filled with
wisdom with multiple tasks the other struggling to understand
her place in this world, confused by a mixture of hormones,
chemicals and physical changes that challenge her senses and
need for independence, but still having to rely on the older,
wiser and experienced one that looks like her and knows her
better than she knows herself.

The love a mother and daughter has for each other can change
like the conditions of the atmosphere, one moment calm devoid
of the stresses of temperature changes the next moment
temperature changes that create a flood storm of emotional
chaos and confusion. This flood creating a storm of historical
magnitude that can carry into months and years of emotional
and psychological turmoil. The dissolving storm can create a
new mixture of love, respect and personal growth. Mother
and daughter understanding that the space they create is
self imposed, but neither can live without the other.

Mothers and daughters share an intimate sisterhood, that will
last a lifetime and even beyond the calling of passing. Once they
shared a body, a mixture of nutrients that allowed cells to grow,
to merge and expand. From the moment of conception mothers
have a bond that is unbroken and unbendable through the years
with their daughters. A spiritual bonding that transcends science
and understanding.
Mothers and Daughters Fire and Ice


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