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August 30, 2014

Back To School Suggestions for Parents

Back To School Suggestions for Parents

These were ideas I presented at my church Westside Church of Christ
Back to School Event.

Hope they are helpful to you and if you would like please share.

1. Encourage reading every day in your children
2. Make math a part of the day by counting, adding, subtracting,
dividing and multiplying any and everything.
3. Teach your children the importance of listening and
following directions.
4. Support your child’s teacher’s rules for the classroom and review
them with your child or children. This shows unity in education.
5. Make sure each day your child is ready for school and prepared.

6. Encourage responsibility and ownership for learning by your
children or child.
7. Ask your child about school when they come home, talk to them
not at them. Give them opportunities to share.
8. Attend Open House and School Board Meetings this empowers
you with information and encourages positive and proactive action.
9. Join the PTA / PTO and SAC School Advisory Committee so you have
a say in what goes on at your child / children school.
10. Talk with teachers not at them; get their email address and classroom
phone numbers to keep communication open and positive.

11. Talk with administrators; get to know their names and titles.
12. Don’t be scared to ask questions there is no such thing as a dumb question.
You have a right as a parent to get all your answers to any and all questions.
13. Meet the guidance counselors so they can help plan for continued success
and potential learning challenges.
14. Register as a volunteer, chaperone or reader at the school. Even if you
work register so you can be available later in the school year.
15. Check book bags and backpacks for agendas, folders and planners.
Do not wait until the morning to check them. Be sure to sign agendas
the day before.

16. Consider the source when you talk to your kids, ask leading questions
and verify information. Do not assume anything from your kids.
17. Set time aside for home reading. Reading is the foundation for success.
18. Check homework completion, even if you do not know how to do it
check to make sure your child attempts it and tries their best.
19. Check online resources for help. Go to the schools web site for
information about homework help, tutoring and other assistance.
20. Get Bus Route information if your child rides the bus.

21. Attend OPEN HOUSE…….
22. Schedule a Parent / Teacher meeting before October.
23. Talk to your child and children about careers other than entertainment
or sports.
24. If parents are divorced or separated communication is still important,
keep the lines of communication open and positive. It is not about you
it is about your children.
25. Take your children to the museums, libraries and cultural centers
during the school year. Learning takes place outside of the classroom
as well.

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