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August 17, 2014

Parents What Are Your Expectations for Your Child

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Parents What Are Your Expectations for Your Child
A New School Year – A New Focus for Success

The new school year draws close, parents are concerned about
the outward appearance of their children; rightly so, children
represent their respective families and generational lineage
(family history).

No parent wants their children to look scruffy especially the
first several weeks of school. The concerns of parents in their
dressing of their child or children is a representation of the
physical appearance that creates the initial impressions that
are temporary and quickly fleeting during the school year.

The question:
Parents What Are Your Expectations for Your Child
is thought provoking and a serious discussion that inquires
parents preparing their children academically for success in school
are socially responsible. Parents have you encouraged academic
excellence using positive words and positive expectations?
Parents have you purchased educational materials; dictionaries,
reference guides, educational DVD’s, obtained library cards and
museum memberships? Learning occurs outside of the school too.
Parents are you talking too, not yelling at children about your
high expectations for proper behavior and scholarly participation
(being a good student)? Parents need to show that books are the
gateways to new worlds and new discoveries. Chinua Achebe,
Nigerian author states, “Children should be fascinated by book
and encouraged to read every day.”

I have heard in previous years parents verbally threaten, demean,
dress down, embarrass and curse out their children as the school year
approached. Parent’s excuses or reasons; children need to know
that they (parents) mean business. Comments such as these shape
and mold a child’s mind. It potentially creates a personality that the
perception is they deserve to be beat, they deserve to be yelled at
and cursed at. These actions only reinforce in a child’s mind that
violence should be accepted and maybe even welcomed in order
to be a good student. This is a false and dangerous mentality.
Children should be taught that, “there is value in books and libraries,”
(African Voices 2009 – C.Achebe)

As a parent and educator, I urge parents to think about and seriously
consider two statements by two well-known men. Both were parents and
known globally for their wisdom in their respective lives. Both went
through changes in their lives as parents.
Albert Einstein (1879-19550 stated, ”Way of thinking should be taught to
all children, to be tenacious in the way they think, to solve problems even
though they may take years.” Einstein 2007 This is related to the patience of
learning, to the expectations of hard work and dedication to research.
It is important for parents to teach this to their children not through profanity,
but through love, role modeling and patience.

Malcolm X (1925-1965) stated simply, “Education is the passport to the future.
Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X promoted
learning and understanding. He is known to read feverously and regularly
sharing his knowledge when applying it to Blacks and people of color.
Even Whites in some cases when directed towards education shared Malcolm X
views on the importance of education on a global foundation for influence.
It is a parent’s responsibility to help TRAIN a child’s mind not to beat it and
curse it into submission. The Bible and other religious doctrine states to
train up a child as they should go and helps in showing the value in education,
that nations should embrace learning and understanding so others can follow.
Deuteronomy 4:6 – show your wisdom and understanding to the nations, who
will hear about all these decrees and say, “Surely this great nation is a wise
and understanding people.”

Einstein stated that, “The value of education is the training of the mind
to think.” What a profound statement from a man from humble beginnings.
He faced prejudice, racism and death threats because of his Jewish heritage,
living in the time of Nazi Germany. Einstein became a successful professor,
scholar, and Nobel Peace Prize winner for the theory of Relativity and other
discoveries and research.
This did not happen overnight it took years of dedication, collaboration,
training and discipline. This being said, parents prepare your children for
potential careers. Read to you children, provide positive educational
experiences and expose them to positive people that will lead them in the
right direction of success. Parents should be their child’s First teacher
before they enter school. A foundation of success should already
be created and high expectations established.

Parents must train up their children the way they should properly go,
valuing education and those who are progressive, educated and doing good
works in their community. Parents should ask themselves who would
they want their child to follow; who would they want their children to
be like, who should be their role models beyond athletes and entertainers.
Children absorb up their environmental residue, if you constantly beat a
child physically and verbally something will break and shatter. Too
many children are becoming broken, this is seen painfully through the
comments from students that they can’t do math, science is too hard,
reading is not understood and comprehension is not gained. Students are
closing their minds because they are scared or defiant to be challenged,
scared to learn worried about being wrong and scared to be recognized
as being intellectual in their learning skills.
Low proficiency in reading is associated with high school dropouts,
criminal behaviors, unemployment and contributes to poverty. It has
a direct effect on the School to Prison Pipeline.

Teachers are preparing their classrooms to encourage. To encourage
learning, build literacy and increase comprehension skills. Creating
foundational levels for higher order, critical thinking and rationalization
skills. Parents need to be the first model for educational value, parents
think about the kind of child or children you are raising and what are
your expectations for them. Do you want your children to be better than
you in life: do you want them to be better financially, educationally,
and socially?

Parents hold the keys….
The keys are engagement in listening, involvement in volunteering,
attending Open House, participating in PTA and even going to School
Board meetings. Being proactive in scheduling Parent / Teacher
conferences. Establishing high expectations for success and talking to
children. The keys are working with educators and administrators,
supporting Early Education and understanding rituals and routines.
Continuing an atmosphere of healthy learning at home, being a role
model and doing not just saying.
The key is reading to and with your child or children every day if
Parents, think about what type of child/children are you raising for
the future. Albert Einstein encouraged curiosity. Believing there is a
purpose for curiosity and exploration in all of us no matter our color
or culture. Education overcomes cultural divides, economic challenges,
societal diversity and inspires unity.

Parents should teach their children to embrace learning, enjoy learning and
create learning environments in their homes.

“The ceasing of the School to Prison Pipeline starts at HOME, parents YOU
create THE atmosphere of educational imprisonment or educational

William Jackson
Parent – Educator – Blogger


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