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August 8, 2014

Mental Health – Is It In You??

Mental Health – Is It In You??

The slogan “Is It In You” became very popular as it was associated
with a sports drink that promotes a winning performance, stamina,
and even promoting a winning mental performance.

Life is not about just performing on a stage, in an athletic event
or performance as an entertainer. The experiences of life are
abundant and continuous. It takes more than a sports drink or any
drink to perform every day.

There are day to day challenges that will cause stress, aggravation,
agitation, anger, doubt, mental discomfort and even depression.

It takes more than something “In You” to promote and strengthen mental
health and stability. There is not an instruction manual nor a schematic
that diagrams how life should go and no amount of planning can create
a mental utopia of complete calm and lack of stress, life can be and is at
times stressful.

To this end it should not be a discomfiture, embarrassment or depressive
nature to not seek assistance in coping and over-coming challenges that
arise in life. One of the best examples is parenting, trial and
error, relating to past experiences from our own childhoods and even
other parental input helps to guide parenting skills, but there are times
when we feel pushed, pulled and drawn to our edge of mental conditioning.
One of our most important goals as a parent is to raise children to become
independent and self-reliant people. For some children it takes
longer than others.

Employment, finances, relationships, and more are dealt with daily so having
mental strategies, procedures and even mental vacations can help to cope
and refresh mental anxiety. At times it does take counseling, kind words, a
shoulder to cry on and even maybe a time out.

In Jacksonville, Florida “living should not be a mental health issue.”

The Mental Health in the African American Community (MHIAAC) meeting will be
held on Saturday, August 9, 2014 at 10:00 am at the Community Rehabilitation Center
on 623 Beechwood, Jacksonville, FL 32225.
The community is invited and welcomed to attend.

You may RSVP at:
and gain additional information.

The Youtube clips below are to help learn more about the
organization and even send us a Friend request at JaxMHAAC on
Facebook to keep up with our events

YouTube Videos

Video One:
Mental Health

Video Two:
Mental Health


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