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June 10, 2014

Graduation Is A Foundation

Graduation Is A Foundation

Graduation ceremonies are culminating the school year, from
Early Learning Centers, Day Cares, Charter Schools, Public
School Institutions and in Higher Educational Institutions.

Sitting here in Palatka, Florida waiting for my daughter’s high
school ceremony to start I reflect on the two previous graduations
I attended; my son from #FAMU and my mentee whom we claim
each other as family, she graduated from elementary school.
A proud father and mentor working to be a good role model and
involved father and mentor to other children. I learned from
my mother a high school business teacher over 30 years (Camden
High School, Camden, New Jersey) that being involved and being
active is important to help youth get to a point where they are
emotionally and mentally capable of making mature and responsible
decisions. My mother, as too many of today was a single parent
raising three children, she not only raised her own, but helped and
mentored others that she taught.

“Educational Preparation Through Parental Involvement” is important
for all children to be successful, this preparation starts at birth and
does not stop until that child boy or girl can sustain themselves.
The key is teaching the skills necessary for children to have high
self-esteem and a drive for success. Incorporating a frame of mind
for educational success, high academic performance, again support
of parents is vital. That support starts at conception and transitions
even in some cases to college. Children need support even
in high school and college. Why do parents yell at their children
and ask questions about “why” did they do something, obviously
they still have lessons in life to learn and still need to grow and
mature. Everyone does not reach adulthood (maturity) at the same
time, each of us has our time line to maturity, sometimes as parents
we seem to forget this in our own children.

Learning is continuous in the 21st century and the prominence of
graduation ceremonies are inspired to continue high expectations
of success and high levels of academic achievement for these
graduates as they progress to adulthood. Parents even in today’s
society must stay vigilant and active to keep distractions to a minimum
that may cause children to go down the wrong path to self-destruction
or chaos and confusion.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “What lies behind us and what lies
before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Words
of wisdom that show the importance of parents always showing
and speaking the good in their children. Imagine how our children
would grow if parents spoke peace, health, intellect, love, achievement
and success in their children every day. Anointing them not just with
physical oil that is blessed, but spoken oil of praise and prayer.
Graduation is a time for celebration of the achievements of academic
success, reflections of the school year and commemoration by awards,
recognition of the hard work of students; the commitment and sacrifice
of parents and professionalism of teachers.
During graduation ceremonies tidbits of information about the struggles,
accomplishments of students; the times of challenge, study and even
times of tears. The hope is during these ceremonies students understand
the depth of the commitment that is needed to keep rising and parents
understand their responsibility and accountability to keep parenting.

Dad and Autumn

Graduations are not just a conclusion, graduations are opening doors
to paths not walked, new adventures and challenges that must be
conquered and overcome. The transition from Kindergarten through
Fifth grade for many students progressed at the same school. There
develops a elementary bonding that helps lay the foundation for
learning. Teachers become role models, physical representations of
what education means and professional role models that allow for
connections that extend into the future.; in some cases teachers become
surrogate parents of students because of the amount of contact during
each day and the lessons of not just educational knowledge shared,
the real life reflections that can inspire, motivate and encourage students.

Parental involvement is powerful; it influences behaviour challenges,
academic shortfalls or successes, emotional connections to stability or
the instability of family confusion and chaos. The development of dreams
and aspirations for the future in children can be created by parents.
Parents must have high expectations for all their children because
parents are the first educators in the educational process.
Birth is a developmental process just as education is; birth encompasses
the complete aspect: physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects of growth
and development. These elements must be molded and shaped at
birth to establish a foundation that is solid and stable, something to
build on for the developmental aspects of a child.

Birth in education comes during graduations, when the diplomas are
awarded, recognitions given, experiences shared, prayers answered and
appreciation is given to parents and teachers for their sacrifices, support,
encouragement, prayers, discipline and not giving up on students who
may have struggled or who “just didn’t get it yet.” The graduation (birth)
is shared; the students are progressing to the next level of growth the
next level of development.

Early education lays the foundation for students so parents cannot afford
to wait until formative educational opportunities in Kindergarten. Learning
activities are important in the years Birth to 3 years that allow a foundation
of language development, curiosity, exploration, engagement with the
environment and skill set development that allows for learning to take
place, creating life-long learners in children. Early child education is
important Pre-K classes are the foundations to schools either being
successful or struggling along with dedicated and trained educators.
Robert Louis Stevenson statement to teachers, “Don’t judge each day
by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” Gain strength
and comfort in knowing that teachers are planting seeds for the future of
doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, preachers, Presidents, Mayors,
engineers, and for professionals in careers that have not been discovered yet.

Taken from, Why is Education Important?
“The school years are the grounding years of one’s education. Schools
are institutions that lay the foundation of a child’s development. They play
a key role in developing children into responsible citizens and good human
beings.” Each society that embraces education and the equal education of it
citizens has risen to historical prominence and global influence. Societies
that do not embrace equal education eventually crash because of the
dissention of its citizens, declining economic power and the
lack of positive contribution to global commerce and weak political
influence. Stated by John F. Kennedy on the importance of education,
“Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education.
The human mind is our fundamental resource.” John F. Kennedy

Quotes share the importance of education, there is a passion that
parents and educators must infuse in children to get them to understand
the value and empowerment even during difficult socio-economic times.
“Education is not limited to that obtained from educational institutes.
Learning is a lifelong process. Rather, self-learning begins at a point where
institutional education ends. The process of self-learning continues throughout
one’s life.”
This statement is supported by President Barack Obama and his push
for all citizens to gain a quality education; “”… Every single one of
you has something that you’re good at. Every single one of you has something
to offer. And you have a responsibility to yourself to discover what that is.
That’s the opportunity an education can provide.”

Parent stay involved with your children, keep encouraging
them and continue to support their efforts to build positive
and productive lives. No matter what level; support, encourage
and keep your child or children engaged in learning.

Education, Students, the Youth…
“Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world.”
Malcolm X

Engineering from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

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  1. i have been receiving your email for the past 4 or more years–I pass them along to my email list, especially my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (ages 11-3) and soon I will be passing them along to my newest great granddaughter Noelle (4/4/14). As the founder and current president of the Jacksonville African American Genealogy Society (2005-20014) 1 of the programs we initiated from its inception is our Project SOAR Book Club where we give children and youth books to read (esp. African American, African history books and books written by African Americans) along with generic books to encourage the beginnings of a home/personal library collection and enhance/increase their love of reading and knowledge. I have been researching my extended family (11 generations) for 21 years–the culmination of this endeavor will be published later this year as “Kith, Kin and Kindred Souls”. Happy Father’s Day to you! Miz Flo


    Comment by Florence Rush-White — June 10, 2014 @ 16:47

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