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June 9, 2014

Fathers Day and A Fathers Accountability

“To educate a man in mind and not in morals is
to educate a menace to society.” Theodore Roosevelt

Fathers Day and A Fathers Accountability
by William Jackson

Fathers are important to their children; they define the
relationships their children will have in life.
The world renowned scholar, and African American
activist, Malcolm X, notes; any man can make a baby with
a woman, but a father is responsible for the growth and
development of HIS children.
Events like Celebrating Fathers are important for
men of all ages, cultures and generations to be actively
involved in.

Relationship Building for Fathers
Father’s Day looms closer, many fathers are determined
to show their children that they love them, support their
educational, spiritual, social, mental and emotional growth
and development.
Traditionally men display affection in the way they / we do
things for our children and families. It is not about giving
money, buying expensive gifts and spoiling them, it is about
sharing wisdom, modeling respect, building a foundation
that is just, ethical and moral, teaching is more important
than spending money.

Foundations of Love
Children love their daddies, the love that is shared is a
foundation for future relationships that will either blossom
into healthy and stable interaction between boys and girls or
become unhealthy and chaotic. A father’s relationship with their
children is built on trust and communication (verbal and
nonverbal), a trust that daddy will be there to provide, to shelter,
to comfort and be strong in sickness and health. Daddies
make a non-verbal vow just as a wedding vow to support
their children so they can grow strong in mind and spirit.
Just as there are wedding vows there are vows for fathers
unspoken, emotionally far reaching. Too many fathers are not
aware of the impact they have on their children’s future emotionally,
psychologically and self-esteem development. Look at the boys
that are angry, are their fathers active in their lives, look at the
girls that are lonely and have low self-esteems, are their fathers
nurturing and supportive? The foundations of relationships
can be developed from involved and active fathers.
No lies, no deceit, no cover-ups, just open and honest truth
about love and expectations for what fathers should be
Fathers: history will judge you as a father by the behavior of
your children and what their choices are in life. Many girls choose
someone like their father for a potential boyfriend and husband,
so what kind of father are you going to be, what kind of role model
are you?
Experts agree that a girl’s future relationships with men are
often shaped by both her relationship with her father and her
father’s relationship with the daughter’s mother. In simple terms,
girls who see their mothers being treated disrespectfully sometimes
come to tolerate that treatment from future boyfriends, husbands,
even male colleagues. Boys will imitate their fathers in how they
treat women, how they interact and how they express their feelings.

Volunteering Dads

Trips of the Heart
Fathers create chances when father and children go out
together; go to the park, get ice cream, to the beach, to church,
go for walks to talk. Don’t expect your children to develop
a relationship with you, as a father you have to develop what type
of relationship you want established. This is not always natural
and takes work; it is well worth the effort in the coming years.
There will be times when your children reflect and retake these
“Trips of the Heart” that remind them of you, they (sons and
daughters) need this attention consistently.
The Bible gives the key to raising children in Proverbs 22:6.
“Train a child in the way they should go, and when they are old
they will not turn from it” so fathers must be involved and active.
What way do you want your child to go and who do you want
her / him to go with? Teach that they deserve and should show
respect, teach to be confident, teach to be independent and
self-reliant, but teach compassion, sympathy and empathy with

Wm Jackson with his mentees…

Responsibility and Accountability
Fathers be responsible and accountable for your actions and take
responsibility to help raise your daughter or son. In the home
or not you helped create that child, if you are a step parent you have
an added responsibility to show that non-biological fathers can be
good fathers with patience, love and prayer, it is not easy, you
fill a void, a need that transcends biology. Surrogate fathers
and step fathers do serve a valuable role, you still are viewed
as a “father figure” so that girl or boy may not say it, but they
need to know you are there today, tomorrow and the next day.
There will come a time when they will need your help in their
life and will call on the “father” that they know.

William Jackson and children…..

Diversity of Fatherhood
Many families have diverse backgrounds, it is not uncommon
today to have Christian and Muslim families, Hispanic and Haitian,
Mexican and Hispanic, Irish and Jamaican, Native American and
Black, Jewish and non-Jewish, African American and other
ethnic backgrounds either married or living in the same household.
Each family growing as one and working to make a “blended family”
united. Fathers create a light that shines on the goodness of the
family. That light casts away the darkness of strife and struggle.
Malcolm X “We need more light about each other. Light creates
understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience,
and patience creates unity,” fathers create and build unity in the
family, in their communities and in the nation.
Dads are like the threads to multicultural and multiethnic tapestry.
Keeping the family connected even with cultural or religious challenges.
Respecting ones differences and loving their individuality, united in love.
The 21st century has blended cultures, heritages and races.
It has transcended to creating a true rainbow coalition of
humanity under diverse family units. Family will guide and build
the respect, patience and understanding that is needed to make
a diverse family strong. The father is the corner stone, the foundation
of this love, the rock that weathers the storms of life.

A Fathers Educational Expectations
Fathers teach your children they are smart, intelligent and creative,
teach them that they are valuable and precious.
Just because each child is different they should all have the same
expectations for success and happiness.
Success is not always making big sums of money, driving fancy cars
or wearing expensive clothes. Success can also mean obtaining a
good education to provide for self and family; not depending on
the government, being able to do for your own.
Education is the key to continue self-growth and cultural strength;
the Bible in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”
Guard your children away from negativity; guided them to knowledge,
wisdom and understanding.

Malcolm X as it applies to the 21st century, “”Education is our passport
to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
Children will not stay children forever so fathers help prepare
children for the boardrooms, courtrooms, classrooms, conference rooms,
presidential rooms, mayoral rooms, senatorial rooms and surgical rooms.

Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education,
“The best economic stimulus package is a diploma,”
Fathers prepare your children for the future, emphasis education; talk
about drugs, sex, relationships, respectful and accountable behaviors.
Teach your children equally about peer pressure with alcohol, cigarettes
and other drugs. Building a strong foundation now will lessen the rebellion
many parents experience during teen years. Empower yourself with
knowledge so that you will not be reactive to situations and proactive to
life’s challenges.

Larry Henderson with Grandson…..

The world creates distractions in parental relationships and fosters
interferences with sex, drugs, violence, complacency and lowering of
morals and values. Fathers must be diligent to keep the lines of
communication open between themselves and their children.
Children need and require a close relationship with their fathers, in
some cases they do not know how to ask for it. Fathers your job is to
show your child that they are great just the way they are and that you
have high expectations for them. Fathers, pray for your children and
anoint them with love, praise; speak power in their lives and protection.
God hears father’s prayers, a father sometimes needs to be humble,
quick to praise, slow to anger and consistently available to his children.

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