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June 4, 2014


Wm Jackson


“To have once been a criminal may have been a mistake of wrong choices and
ignorance. To remain a criminal is the disgrace.” Malcolm X
“A Black man’s legacy is of education, innovation and spirituality.”
William Jackson

“The Swag You Make w/ Social Media and Your Digital Footprint”
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Parent – Educator – Speaker – Presenter
Edward Waters College & Public Education Educator
Blogging: My Quest To Teach
Twitter: wmjackson

Key Points
a. Where is your passion and motivation in Social Media?
b. How valuable/vulnerable is your passion and motivation?
c. Are you a part of something bigger than you are that is positive and
productive or dangerous and destructive?
d. How valuable do you feel and does it matter?
e. What void are you filling for you or others?
f. What benefits do you provide for yourself and other?
g. Are you contributing to community growth or chaos?
h. Do you have power and purpose in Social Media?
i. What Value Do We Bring To Your Community?
j. Do You Educate, Instigate or Illiterate?
k. Morals, Values and Ethics do you have any and where do you get them from?
l. Snitch’s – Ditches – Riches – Bit*** how do you project your actions?

Internet Cautions and Safety
Your life is an open book online.
Everyone can see you and knows who you are.

Marketing and Branding
Personal Brand – Consider your Influence and Inspiration
a. Discover what your Brand is first and are you passionate
enough to promote it.
b. Create your brand using your passions, abilities and talents.
c. Remember your Brand is the perception of what people
have of you not the other way around.
d. Branding is deliberate and purposeful not blind luck.
e. Who do you think you are and who others think you are is important?
f. Three words who you are.. Three words who people think you are
g. What can your Brand do for others not just you?
h. Is your Brand multi-faceted – is it multicultural – is it multi-gender
is it multi-alternative lifestyle?
i. No room for prejudice, racism, judgmental and sexism.
j. Everyone has value even a dog….
k. You set the tone and foundation for success, keep promises and don’t
over inflate yourself.
l. Don’t be scared to collaborate, but be careful with who you associate.
m. Guilt by Association!!!!!!

Discussion Areas:
a. What goes on the Internet, stays on the internet forever.
b. Personal information should not be disclosed.
c. Keeping strict privacy settings.
d. Future employers and college admission boards are screening
applicants through social media outlets.
e. If it would make you mother, grandmother, fathers and family
blush, chances are it’s not a good posting/blog!
f. A girls / boys reputation sometimes cannot be changed
g. Sexting is a crime (Child Pornography)
h. No boy or girl is worth you endangering your chances of college or
a successful career.
i. Showed how fast a person can find out when and where you or your
kids will be on any given day by the information you post on Facebook

“Don’t get yourself in certain circumstances or instances, because it’s
not a good feeling to be sitting in that chair where you’ve got 12 people
that are in control of your life. You have an opportunity to be in control
of your life for yourself by the decisions that you make.”
Sean Combs

Crime In The Black Community

“Being accountable is a highly personal act. It requires a level of
dedication to your integrity, character, and beliefs that no one
else can manage or maintain for you.” Anthony Butler, E3 Business Group
Crime In The Black Community is a community and individual issue. It must
be addressed as a community priority and even a cultural issue that needs
direct and long term aggressive actions to stop.


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