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May 14, 2014

Celebration of May – Mental Health Awareness Month

Celebration of May – Mental Health Awareness Month
Provided by MHIAAC – Mental Health in the African American Community

Please Join Us Thursday, May 15th
Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
MHIACC Celebration / Meet and Greet

I wanted to take a moment to “personally” invite you
to the MHAAC Meet & Greet “Celebration” to be held on
Thursday (tomorrow) evening at 6:30pm at the
Ed Hall Building in beautiful downtown Jacksonville!

Words cannot fully express how important the Mental Health
“initiative” is to its FOUNDER Carolyn MacKenzie,
as well as to myself and the rest of the MHAAC team .

Over the last several weeks, as I have been sharing with
people, one on one, regarding this epidemic of mental health
I am hearing story after story of family members, children,
co-workers, etc. that are being plagued by this “dis-EASE”!

One thing that is “common” in each conversation, is the
feeling of shame and despair! Wanting help, yet NOT
“knowing” HOW to “get” help! This is WHY MHAAC
is coming together.

We DO want to make a difference, by CONTINUING this
“dialogue” — and by bringing greater AWARENESS, EDUCATION
“and” RESOURCES to assist in getting these persons the
“help” that they so RICHLY deserve!

I’m sure each of us, either has a FAMILY member or FRIEND
that is “SUFFERING” and don’t know how to CRY LOUD!!!!

Our Families and Community are depending on us!!!!!

Ann Marlow
MHACC Executive Director
JAX Chapter

What we need for you to do?:
> Join the celebration > Share this information with your
family and friends
> Bring lots of business cards for networking
> Send us the names and email addresses of guest
you have invited
> Send us a RSVP if you are able to attend or not

Why are we celebrating?
> With all of the recent tragedies that have happened in our
country (i.e Newtown, etc.) — it is quite apparent that
there is a GREAT need for a NATIONAL “dialogue” to begin
regarding MENTAL HEALTH. Not only a DIALOGUE, but opening
a conversation regarding warning symptoms, diet, exercise,
and providing resources that will eventually lead to a
richer and happier life; not only for the mental health
recipient, but for their families.
It is for these reasons that we are inviting you to join us.


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