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May 5, 2014

The #EDSPARK of Educational Change

The #EDSPARK of Educational Change

The #EDSPARK of creating educational opportunities
for change creates the ignition for educational initiatives
that fires the passion of educators and parents to
support transformative learning in children. Changing
the educational environment to the focus of a student
centered environment where innovation is encouraged
and students are engaged.

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is
respected everywhere.” Chanakya

This year’s #EDSPARK has shown a paradigm
shift of creativity and vision in the field of education,
showing that educators can be entrepreneurs in
their fields, showing those that have a passion for
children to be educated matter as well. Educators
that are supporting dynamic learning initiatives that
address the needs of students creating a student
learning focus. Educators are transitioning, being
engaged thought leaders and content creators,
creating learning ventures that empower and
engage students. These are 21st century needs for
a changing student body.

#EDSPARK has created a collaborating and
dynamic venue for educators and those that
have a desire to support learning to cooperate
in diverse and foundational changes that
encourage instructional variations in how students
can be taught and how students are learning.
Elements of differential instruction, scaffolding,
integration of technology, higher order and critical
thinking skill-sets are being integrated more.
Why are these important, just look at the level of
thinking required on state and national assessments.
Look at the skill-sets required by employers to
perform dynamic and multi-tasking functions and the
integrating of technologies.
Students must read, comprehend, think, rationalize,
analyze, and function in flexible environments…….

Educators, administrators and even school board
members must work and collaborate together to
provide the best educational resources, engagement
and encouragement necessary for each generation of
student that enters the school environment.
School Boards must be open to changes that are inline
with global learning that realistically prepares
students for careers.

Wm Jackson and School Board Member Paula Wright
Wm Jackson, educator and School Board Member Paula Wright attending
Real Talk Real Change produced by E3 Business Group

“A child miseducated is a child lost.” John F. Kennedy

The diversity of today’s classrooms need diversity of
instructional tools that address the needs of learning
styles that one method of teaching instruction cannot
support. Diversity in the classroom is an extension
beyond culture and gender differences, it extends
into the cognitive process of the brain, the distinct
methods of absorbing information by students and
applying it to critical and higher order thinking.
Diversity of mental ability is recognized as students
with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism and other learning
challenges are embraced in the learning environment
to make sure they meet with success academically
and socially.

Looking beyond the mundane and ineffectual
lecture methods of past instruction, today’s students
embrace technology, are influenced by mixtures
that embrace a very different set of motivational
factors in learning. Learning should be relevant
and applicable to real world understanding so
students are prepared with the tools needed for

Students today are multi-sensory driven, socially
cognitive entities that can switch from the use of
social media exchanges to the integration of
digital tools on wireless devices. Today’s students
are wired, connected, digitized, multitasking; they
have no issues with the high speed interactivity of
devices that beg for attention and submersion in
digital worlds where there is a completely new
language structure. Students have adapted and
integrated tools that were not in place just 5 years
ago. Educators have to adapt to student learning
patterns and styles, they are still vital to student
progression. Technology cannot replace the passion
and experience of educators.

“Education is the key to unlock the golden
door of freedom.” George Washington Carver

#EDSPARK is showing that educational paradigms
are happening and educators are thought leaders,
content creators, data managers, analysis of statistical
information that direct learning and the application
of educational standards.

Educators: #EDSPARK is showing that
learning cannot and should not be limited to
just standards, benchmarks, assessments. Real
life and real world learning is vital to the transition
from classroom to the work place.

The classrooms of 21st century schools should be
conduits of educational adaptation and innovation.
Educators should not be limited to outdated teaching
strategies, but have the freedom to incorporate
innovative ideas, inspirational learning opportunities,
and allow for natural creativity and discovery that is
natural for children.

The United States competes in a global economy so
the educational systems of this nation needs to embrace
and engage the dynamic abilities of educators to
encourage the next generation of dreamers, thinkers,
designers, and creators that has made the United States
a world leader in technologies, science, engineering,
medicine and the growing initiatives of STEM STEAM

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can
use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The world is continuously changing and venues like
#EDSPARK are showing that educators are “agents of
change,” inspiring creativity, passion and motivations
to explore, educate and change the world. EDSPARK
showed the importance of parents and community
stakeholders in the educational process and the use
of community activists that are available with tools and
learning opportunities not found in schools, but in
museums, libraries, research and development of
educational products and services.

“He, who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Victor Hugo

Parents need to be involved in the learning structure of
their children. Parents are the conduits of educational
energy and the surge protectors against negative directions
and influences that seek to stop educational development.

Parents are the SPARK that ignites a love for learning in
students, no one should extinguish future successes and
growth of students.

The upcoming Crime in the African American Community is
another opportunity for the community to be more involved.
Words only travel so far and not as effective as actions.
Parents – Get involved – Stay involved

Prevent Black Crime
Jacksonville, Florida


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