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March 27, 2014

Diversity of Blogging for Teens – Challenges and Successes

Diversity of Blogging for Teens – Challenges and Successes

The ability of many teens to write effectively is transforming into
an intellectual challenge. Many youth do not understand the
terms of narrative, persuasive, reflective and other writing styles
being used and applied, the performance and passion of writing
seems declining while the involvement in Social Media platforms
and the use of acronyms and codes are increasing.

The skill of phraseology in writing is falling by the way side to more
shorten acronyms filled with slang, metaphors and associated
words that do not promote intellectualism or creativity.
Too many students are struggling to create comprehensible and
scholarly sentences and paragraphs. Educational curriculum’s are
changing and dropping how to write, the value of writing and
importantly the purpose of writing. The integration of blogging into
academic curriculum’s has shown that more work needs to be done
to engage teens to write with comprehension and not with smilies,
hashtags and emotionicons.

Veteran bloggers must teach and mentor teen bloggers that
blogging allows the creation of web based content to have worth
and value. To show that it is cool to be intellectual, smart, creative
and even witty. Blogging is understood as: original content designed
to provide information.
The information being blogged can be transformative and dynamic
that builds a reading foundation. The dynamic aspects and
transformative information integrates graphics, music, video
(Vblogging), micro-blogging (Twitter), audio (Podcasting) makes
blogging more personal and builds relationships that expand in
education and business environments.

Interactivity in blogging provides meaningful content, allowing for
connectivity and building of relationships that even aid entrepreneurs.
Anthony Butler, Sr., Executive Director E3 Business Group, Inc.
states that, ”blogging is to the 21st century what editorials use to be
for the aspiring entrepreneur. It can showcase their talents and
expertise while making them real to potential clients.” E3 has the
honor to promote entrepreneurs by empowering them with technical
skills and resources that other organizations cannot. E3 provides
support and services to aspiring entrepreneurs to help build their
capacity to run a profitable business while increasing their advocacy
efforts as concerned citizens. Blogging provides a key engagement
aspect that connects entrepreneurs with potential clients and the
community they serve.

The range of blogging can be seen in the approximately 10 million
blogs being created on diverse subjects that teens can relate to and
identify with. Information online no longer needs to be stale, it can be
dynamic because of the infusion of multimedia elements that teens
can have fun with and be creative.
Each person has their individual writing traits and talents, blogs are
unique and individualistic. The blog process is beyond thought and
feeling; it digs deeper in its expression and transforming thoughts
to meaningful words and can build diverse relationships.
Teaching teens that a writer’s expression transmitted through their
use of words, phrases, rhymes, lyrical manipulations and the
integration of youthful or generational should be shared by the
lasting evidence of blogging; the correct use of language is vital
when seeking employment, scholarships, grants, internships and
sponsors for projects. Look at the writing requirements on tests like
the SAT and ACT.

The use of “proper English” is still important because of diverse
audiences potentially reading the blog. The process of writing is
not a competition it is the understanding about writing: “to be a
better writer (blogger) a person must write every day,” William Jackson
Veteran bloggers must teach teens that there is a passion in blogging.
Passion and purpose sets bloggers apart from just writers of
words. Passionate bloggers write on what may be perceive
as blogging on a spiritual/intellectual level or in a “Bloggers Zone.”

Bill Gates (Microsoft) is passionate about content and has stated
that, “because of blogging people are developers of (their own)
content.” Teens should understand that their content is what
makes their blogs and them unique and of value. The value of
writing is to cultivate the sharing of information, and create
relevant information worth reading, viewing and interacting with.
The paradigm of printed materials resulted from the Gutenberg
Press creating a learning shift in book production and access to
books for the general public to access. The computer
microprocessor created a shift in computer processing speed
and power and the Internet has created a new shift in access to
digital content. The paradigm of Social Media platforms is instead
of just creating and viewing content; content is now interactive,
engaging and entertaining.

Educational opportunities in professional development for students
should be provided to assist them as future journalists, news
reporters, researchers and educational advocates. If our nation wants
to continue to be a leader in education and innovative technologies
there needs to be a rise in educational advocates, mentors, and
role models, this promotes supporting educators attending
professional development opportunities at conferences.
A key element is Early Learning programs from the age of 3 to 5 to
build a love of reading and writing.
7 Reasons Why Youth Should Blog, “ Blogging is about building
strong networks and championing causes, it’s about creating the
space for innovation, exchange of ideas, and new connections that
all spill over into our day-to-day work and allow youth to communicate

As an educational professional teaching in a STEAM environment,
Adjunct professor teaching educational technology, an avid and
experienced blogger I agree with Bill Gates that blogging has an
impact; as Gates spoke of innovation and its influence on the American
economy. “Innovation is the source of U.S. economic leadership and
the foundation for our competitiveness in the global economy.”
Teens should realize their innovative ideas can have great economic
benefits. Using technology gives teens a platform to allow new ideas
to form from teens and encourages expanded intellectualism.

Teens with the use of blogs; their becoming their own reporters of
news, community relation advocates and builders of digital content
linking with the local community; promoting a positive voice for
teens of this nation people. Educators and businesses are incorporating
blogging to create, share, build, enlighten, engage and involve teens
and their community in new and dynamic ways to think, network
and collaborate. Minority parents should examine their children’s
content in Social Media and encourage positive content creation.
The results could keep them from earning scholarships, internships,
employment, putting youth at risk of future challenges because of the
lack of technology and educational skills.

William Jackson video speaking to teachers at FlBlogConEdu

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