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March 10, 2014

Florida Educators and Technology

Florida Educators and Technology

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting
of a fire.” William Butler Yeats

The power of technology integration and Blogging
for educators has created a dynamic shift in how
educators teach their students and how educators
prepare for the process of learning and growth
in their careers.

Classrooms of Florida schools have been shifting
for several years. Where there were bookshelves
there are desktop or laptop computers, where
there were bulletin boards there are Smartboards,
where there were student work posted there are
posters sharing the latest technology terminology,
equipment, web sites and where there were bookshelves
are tablets with hundreds of titles for diverse reading

Florida’s educators are preparing students to compete
in a global economy with advanced skill-sets, if teachers
are not involved with technology proficiency themselves
how can school districts expect educational professionals
to be role models by exposing and assisting students in
using technology if they are not properly trained, mentored,
provided professional development and allowed to
attend conferences themselves. A shift is needed for
students in providing professional development in
their areas of passion beyond established curriculum’s.

Florida is working to become a national leader in the integration
of diverse instructional technology and infusing academic
elements making teachers more facilitators for learning.
Curriculum’s that embrace the multi-disciplinary elements
of STEM and STEAM are growing, classrooms are adapting
to differentiated instruction and learning is directed to student
centered learning; many educators are still learning the nuances
and practices to integrate technology instruction in their
Schools are finding there is a need for a technology teacher,
a technology support person to manage hardware and software
and a curriculum coach for technology as they have for science,
reading and math. Guidance counselors should be trained in
Social Media to help guide students in making correct decisions
in content.

The expectations for 21st century teaching methods is high and
teachers are gradually rising to those expectations and demands,
more support needs to be provided to professional educators in
many ways. Conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures are
available by schools and school districts, teachers still struggle
with coordinating how to attend when educational TDE is limited,
assistance with travel expenses are limited or not available and
Common Core has expectations of teacher proficiency with
technology that many school districts may not be able to match.

The work continues as educators strive to learn and teach
simultaneously with their students, aligning lesson plans with
standards, benchmarks and the changing assessments used
to measure student growth and progress.
The goals of AYP (Annual Yearly Progress), student learning
proficiency and success on state assessments is ever present in
the minds of educators and house administrators.
Teachers must find opportunities to participate in educational training
that fortify their proficiency in using and managing technology.
Training is vital and support is crucial for educators that are working
hard to provide the best possible instruction using technology.
Today’s youthful learners need to be engaged and active in the
learning process.

Higher educational institutions have recognized the value in degrees
that focus on Educational Technology, Instructional Technology,
Curriculum infused with Technology and other key areas. Higher
degrees are now a must for continued professional growth.

Stated by Brian Solis about the integration of Social Media and
technology, “Social Media and technology sparks a revelation that
we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of
content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions,
inspire movements, and ignite change.” I share with my Engineering
and technology students even on the elementary level that, “we all
share in growing in knowledge. We are content creators that influence
thoughts, passions and the direction for growth.”
Through my blogging I advise parents to stay involved, connected,
positive and supportive to insure their children are prepared for 21st
century skill-sets for higher education, vocational education, as
entrepreneurs and military service. The parent sets the foundation
for learning and the value of their children as life-long learners.
Parents should encourage their children to attend conferences,
seminars and workshops that engage learning and positive change.

The upcoming Florida Blogging Conference for Educators in Orlando,

Florida Tech Conference for Teachers/

is an opportunity for educators, administrators and even students to
learn together, share content ideas and develop methods to integrate
technologies that encourage academic success and gain proficiency
in Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting and other forms of content creation.

The conference is geared to the school setting, pushing students,
teachers and administrators in using social media and other technologies.
This is a guide to implementation of lesson plan development, best
practices, innovative ideas, and practical use when dealing with the
unique and growing diversity of student demographics in schools.

Presenters speaking at the conference are real teachers that are using
blogging, social media and diverse technologies daily with their students
and the presenters are leaders in the high tech industry and involved
in their local communities.

Technology paradigms are influencing classrooms, schools and even
home environments. To assist student engagement educators must
be involved and engaged in learning opportunities that strengthen
teacher’s abilities to increase student learning. I’m proud to be a
presenter/speaker sharing my passion for innovative and empowering

I encourage educators to attend this conference to share, learn and
engage with peers, industry leaders and experts to various fields.
Florida Blog Conference for Educators


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Florida Blogging Conference
Saturday, September 20
Florida Blogging Conference
FLBlogCon14 at Full Sail University


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