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February 27, 2014

The Sensitive Debate on Mental Health

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The Sensitive Debate on Mental Health
Information provided by Gladzena Young

The nation is coming to grips with the importance of understanding
the issue of mental health across this nation. Tragic events resulting
in deaths and injuries are scenes on television, reported on radio programs
and even displayed on Social Media platforms concerning the mental
health of assailants committing horrendous crimes.

Families struggle silently with the issue of family members suffering
with various mental health challenges; The Substance Abuse and Mental
Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states that, “mental health
problems affect nearly all families. Yet, as a nation, we struggle to have
a direct and honest conversation about these issues.”

The heartbreaking murders of school children are showing that there
needs to be an increased dialogue concerning mental health and the
availability of mental health resources that service and provide
prevention and treatment. The misconceptions, fears of social scrutiny
and even discrimination must change and can only do so from an
open and honest dialogue that engages and empowers the community.

The availability of educational resources that help to understand potential
warning symptoms, importance of diet, the value of stable and positive
relationships, not engaging in the abuse of drugs or alcohol and participating
in regular exercise are key components to prevent mental health related issues.

The resources that will eventually lead to a richer and happier life are vital
for access; not only for the mental health recipient, but for their families.
The issue of mental health has come to the attention of the Whitehouse;
President Obama called for a “national conversation to increase understanding
about mental health.” Even with governmental attention communities
must join together sharing resources, provide educational services and
involving families that support each other.

Please save the date March 15, 2014 to attend a meet and greet
introduction of Mental Health in the African American Community Program.
Wells Fargo Historic Community Learning Center
1601 North Main St., Jacksonville, FL 32206
Time: 10:00 am
Educational video links from MHAAC show the importance of
awareness and prevention.
When schizophrenia leads to violence:

Community agencies have been invited that are key to supporting
and helping those suffering from the challenges of mental health and
their families. Jacksonville Community Agencies, Jacksonville City Officials,
Mental Health Educators, Clergymen, Mental Health Counselors, etc. are
invited and encouraged to attend.

There will be a “special guest” attending the event:
President and CEO of MHAAC, Ms. Carolyn McKenzie
who will share her own “testimony” that is sure to motivate and uplift!

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact
Ms. Ann Marlow (904) 412-4366 or Ms. Gladzena Young at (904)899-2614

RSVP no later than March 1, 2014.
You may RSVP via text and/or email.
Ann Marlow, Executive Director

Executive Administrative Assistant
Gladzena Young

If your interested in Blogging for Mental Health
please contact..
Ms. Ann Marlow (904) 412-4366


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