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February 19, 2014

Jacksonville: Educate and Stay Engaged in Your Community

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Jacksonville: Educate and Stay Engaged in Your Community
Parental and Community involvement brings a new
dynamic to creating a city worth living in and raising
a family.
Jacksonville, Florida is experiencing a change that
influences its citizens of all races, cultures, genders,
nationalities, lifestyles and generations.

The center of this change is education; Florida is
becoming a national leader in education reform and
parental involvement.
Parents are learning that education begins at home first;
parents create the foundation for educational success
and the benefits of lifelong learning.
Quotes from educational leaders like Jane D. Hall state,
”At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a
child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”
The correlation and cooperation of community and
parental participation is important. The Center for
Disease Control has stated that 60% of careers for
current elementary students have not been created
yet in the fields of STEAM.” Because of the importance of
“Human Capital” a parent’s job is to prepare their children
for success in the world.

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Educational Events In Jacksonville
The educational system of Jacksonville touches households
in a way that no other industry can. Educational change is
taking place in discussions as in the recent Jacksonville
Public Education Fund ONE by ONE conversations
and the Second Annual ONE by ONE Conference.
Web site:

This conference focused on improving educational
equality, encouraging parental involvement/volunteering,
creating policies and procedures that make education
child centered and the involvement of business partnerships.
There are additional entities such as “We Remember Raines”
“Community Come Back & Stay Engaged Event,
Saturday February 22, 2014 from 12:30pm-4:30pm at
William M. Raines High
Parents and students will be engaged in discussions on the
improvements needed and initiatives in place for student
School events are another opportunity to support public
education and the continued success of all students in DCPS.
Present will be educational leaders from Duval County Public
Schools and community leaders. The community is encouraged
to attend this free event and become involved in the dialogue.
Community Come Back & Stay Engaged Event
Presented by:
“STILL”® RAINES and ’We Remember Raines’ An American
High School Story In partnership with DCPS Office of
Community and Family Engagement.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated-Gamma Rho Omega Chapter
Incorporated in partnership with Matthew Gilbert Middle School
presents the Empowering our Youth for a Brighter Future Summit
Matthew Gilbert Middle School
1424 Franklin St Jacksonville, FL 32206
Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM (EST)
Designed to empower young girls to serve in our communities,
gain leadership skills and utilize their greatest resources.
The EYL Summit is intended to provide a forum for middle school
students’ grade 6th-8th grades, to equip, excite, and connect young
people. It will help them organize, network, learn new things, share
their hopes and concerns in a public setting.
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Parental Involvement
Parents are encouraged to be engaged in schools, but
what does engagement mean: the nature of that engagement
is important. The parent and school must be in a “partnership”
that is perceived by the child as an alliance for their success
not against them.
Consistent engagement and a respective partnership between
parent and school are important. Children must understand
that the school and the parent are working for their success not
as a punishment. Each part must support the other in positive
dialogue and in actions.
In early 2009 President Obama proclaimed that “every American
will need to get more than a high school diploma” and that
“America cannot lead in the 21st century unless we have the best
educated, most competitive workforce in the world.”
The engagement in after school activities; band and sports are
good, there should be a balance in PTA attendance, SAC
participation, parent/teacher conferences, School Board meeting
turnout and other relevant school related events for parents.
Students must understand that parents are engaged not to
harass them, but because the parent, teacher and schools
system value their success and values them as a person.
“Research has shown that chil¬dren who have parents who read at
home are much better prepared for school and have greater
success in the school system.” The Chronicle Herald

Voluntary VPK
VPK Online registration on February 21st is projected to see
a steep incline in early childhood registration to begin the
process of educational preparedness. Register your child at
home, a DCPS VPK School, the Early Learning Coalition
Office or wherever you have internet access.
Log on to
Research has shown that early education can increase student
achievement, impact graduation rates, higher education and
vocational education attendance after high school. Parents
need to be involved to set the foundation of success and stay
active. The Whitehouse has stated that, “when the human brain
is forming this represents a critically important window of
opportunity to develop a child’s full potential and shape key
academic, social, and cognitive skills that determine a child’s
success in school and in life.”

To find out why early childhood education is important read
the valuable information posted here.
VPK programs have far ranging effects also towards visions
of higher education. “Building college as a goal and even vocational
school these graduates are less likely to be incarcerated. For every four
high school graduates jailed, only one college graduate is jailed, saving
taxpayers an average per-prisoner cost of more than $20,000 per year.”

Connection for Business and Education
“Your Literacy Determines Your Survival in this
‘Super Competitive World.” Arthur Lopez
There is a connection to the growth of businesses, in a city
that is based on the educational levels of its citizens.
Education contributes to entrepreneurialism in Jacksonville
that can be seen by the increase in business licenses,
business workshops, employment and entrepreneurial events:
Real Talk Real Change V provided by E3 Business Group of
Northeast Florida
Anthony Butler, Sr. is making pivotal
changes in how the City of Jacksonville is working with
the growing influence of entrepreneurs that contribute to
employment that is generating revenue and providing a
valuable resource of business professional development
First Lady Michelle Obama and Anthony Butler, Sr.
The connection with E3 and education can be seen in the
engagement with schools in public education and the
economic centers of City of Jacksonville. The Center for
Entrepreneur Development provides aspiring artists and
entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their products,
services and creates themed events which attract
collaboration and partnerships.
Students in the Duval County Public Schools have a resource
to help them with their business interests and provide valuable
hands-on access to experts in multiple disciplines.
Positive changes are occurring in education and business that
demand the involvement of the Jacksonville community and
businesses like E3 Business Group of Northeast Florida.
In order for positive change to create a paradigm of inclusion
and acceptance the lines of generations must blend to be
inclusive, engaging and encouraging especially in the business
environment if Jacksonville is to remain competitive.
The public event Real Talk Real Change V is scheduled for
Thursday, February 20th at the Main Library, downtown
Jacksonville, Florida.
Access web site:

Growth and Expansion
Jacksonville is growing in its economic influence globally with
its Ports, Cecil Field technology centers, economic expansion
centers, growing technology base and advancements in
medical fields. Schools are integrating more technology and
building students that are consumers of content, developing
intellectual property and creating content that has relevance
and meaning for STEAM careers.
Critical and higher order thinking abilities are in demand,
parents are required to teach their children how to read,
recognize shapes, colors and rationalize earlier. If a parent
falls behind in their responsibility they place their child at a
social and educational disadvantage.
Bill Gates has stated, “Information technology and business are
becoming inextricably interwoven.” The demands of the educational
system are growing; parents must step up their engagement and
Duval County Public Schools are providing the needed workforce
in many career areas; parents need to support early childhood
education by preparing their children first in creating a solid reading
foundation. Parents must stay involved, connected, positive and
supportive to insure their children are prepared for 21st century
skill sets for higher education, vocational education, as entrepreneurs
and military service.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
William Butler Yeats


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