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February 11, 2014

A Journey Into Womanhood and Social Media

A Journey Into Womanhood
and Social Media

by William Jackson
Parent, Educator, Blogger, Presenter

Speaking to the young ladies of “Journey Into Womanhood”
during a Social Media and Cyberbullying workshop.
My goal was to share information that empowers and
educates these young ladies on the influence of their
Social Media content. Through discussion,
dialogue, exchanging information, skits and experiences, this
discussion of 90 minutes allowed for understanding in the use and
influence of Social Media platforms.
Having blogged about previous presentations to youth, my goal is
to engage youth and teens in serious and humorous discussions
about their online presence and how their content influences their
opportunities for scholarships and employment.

Young ladies are realizing their social media content is
establishing an online culture. A high school and even college
student’s digital creation and exchange of content has important
affects on the digital perceptions that build their Brands and
personal/digital associations (shared in a previous blog).
Creating content that allows for preconception in behaviors and
influences the personal relationships they create. This can be
seen in the Social Media sites of Trayvon Martin and now Jordan
Davis, how people perceive them as young Black youth.
Social influences have an effect on personality decisions that are
displayed on social media platforms. The social media look of a
young lady is not always complimentary, is not directed by goals,
visions and missions of future educational and career objectives.
Too many girls are trying to impress peers or fit in with groups and
negatively influenced by entertainment icons and models.

Rise of Social Media
The rise of social media creates a blueprint
when it comes to developing and embracing
diverse social media platforms.
This influences how girls and young ladies
Brand themselves
and Markets these Brands. The young ladies of “Journey Into
Womanhood” are mentored in academics, social graces, possible
career choices and higher educational options. Knowledge of
digital tools can mean earning a scholarship or having one taken away.
Girls need to consider the social, emotional, spiritual and even
intellectual content they create from social interactions. Parents
need to be aware to guide and offer advice because of future
complications from content, online statements, cyberbullying,
profanity and inappropriate video or pictures.
A girls Brand is connected to their online activities; the behaviors,
actions and even associations influence perceptions and future

Building Relationships
Building relationships is important
even in a digital age, it extends
beyond the digital connection.
Providing the choices needed to
attend colleges and universities,
obtaining scholarships and grants
and building Brands for collaborative
projects. Doors open in
diverse careers in STEM and STEAM
for girls and women as their
technical skills grow. Girls of color are
learning that they are not locked into social skill sets any longer.
Whether using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Google +
or a Youtube channel, Branding is an individual story that
should generate interest based on similar passions that girls and
woman share. Social Media provides no better tool to position
yourself for opportunities. JIW is working to build and enhance
the self-esteem of young ladies through interactive workshops
that speakers like William Jackson provide (My Quest To Teach).

Speaking and Presentations
Youth, teens and young adults need additional
exposure to technology professionals to learn from
experts in the fields of IT. How can children
set higher academic and professional goals if they are
not exposed to those involved in the careers.
Having had the opportunity to speak at major conferences, churches,
youth groups and other venues. I share my excitement and experiences
with technology, social media, STEM and STEAM. Hoping to motivate
youth in those areas for future careers.

Collaboration and Content are Important
As I share with the young ladies of
“Journey Into Womanhood”; collaboration and
content creation is important to expand and
accentuate the unique personal abilities and talents
that girls are learning to develop. Through skits and
play acting these young ladies share what they are
learning about Social Media and Cyberbullying.
Access in the digital age has a foundation based on
relationship building first, then cooperation and
collaboration next.
Girls and boys in schools need to be mentored and counseled
on their postings, just as they are counseled on career choices.
They need to be counseled on Social Media content, Bullying and
Cyberbullying. Guidance counselors will need professional
development on how to help students with Social Media tools.
As I’m being asked to speak nationally on Social Media and
Bullying/Cyberbullying I’m convinced more than ever each high
schools and middle schools needs a Social Media counselor
to guide and teacher students how they should direct their content
in Marketing and Branding themselves, Cyberbullying prevention
and the social responsibilities of online use.
A young ladies postings create a following with their culture;
that culture is integrated and broadcast digitally that
influences Branding. The digital age is forcing students to sell
their talents and abilities to the world to be competitive in global
markets not just for local and community jobs.

Master of Your Brand
The young ladies of “Journey Into Womanhood”
are learning to Master their Brand because their
Brand is their culture and
online reputation. Girls and young woman must
understand the long range consequences of their
digital culture, too many guidance counselors are
concerned with testing
and other issues to understand about Social Media and
cannot provide sound and experienced advice.
Social media content can open doors to social and professional
opportunities or can close doors of educational and professional
acceptance for students. Guidance counselors should be teaching
students that once a month if not more to Google their content,
pictures, video and reputations.
Just as there are strategies to prevent identity theft there should be
strategies for Social Media content and online reputation enhancement.

The Journey
“Journey Into Womanhood”
is an organization designed in its mission to empower,
educate and encourage young ladies from 10 and above to
be the best they can be. A rites of passage program, designed
for girls ages 9-17.
This unique and inspiring program cultivates young ladies in their
“Journey into Womanhood”
Twitter:@ journeyn2woman

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