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January 31, 2014

ONE by ONE To Build Educational Success

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ONE by ONE To Build Educational Success

The recent educational convention provided by the
Jacksonville Public Education Fund is a remarkable
example of the strength of collaboration and cooperation
to improve public education for all students in Duval

No one entity, organization, group or individual can
make progressive and reformative changes that have
a wide range of influence in education unless there is
a collective and united support system and defined
objectives that JPEF has established and shares.
The collaboration of resources includes and invites
community partnerships, parents, educators, administrators
and even students, embraces the diversity and collective
experiences that contributes to educational reforms that
are inclusive and equitable. Positive change cannot
happen if there is no agreement on goals and a defined
mission to accomplish.

Included in this empowering event and often overlooked
are the voices of students in Duval County Public Schools,
future educators studying at the Historic Black College
of Edward Waters College and also students from
surrounding high schools. Sometimes students are ignored
and down played because of their lack of life experiences;
JPEF embraces the youth of this community and provides
a positive platform, opening dialogue and discussion for
those that are directly affected by the educational system
that is preparing them to be the future leaders of the
community and nation. JPEF understands that students
are the core of educational reforms and students must
be involved in the creation of policies and procedures
that shape their world.

Sharing their stories were real
students in Duval County,
giving the faces of challenges
and successes that those
in attendance can relate to and
to see the positive outcomes
from perseverance, mentoring
and the empowerment of
a quality education. The young
adults that spoke are
graduates of Duval County Public Schools:
Dominic Cummings, Allishia Edmonds, Mercedes Trapp,
and Travis Pickney. Their conversations showed that
supporting education and even mentorship can make a
difference in the life and futures of youth facing challenges
and preparing for a productive and positive future.

The Second Annual ONE by ONE
Convention was a
great success, attended by over 400
dedicated educational
advocates. This was a day of sharing
success stories, graduation achievements,
community collaborations, connections
between businesses and schools, critical
thinking in planning best practices and even
passionate pleas for more involvement to
parents as volunteers,
parental engagement for raising expectations for district
wide successes in graduations, additional support for
early childhood education in VPK and even support in
the areas of Bullying and Cyberbullying.
As a speaker and presenter in this area, the recognition
of Bullying and Cyberbullying is a strong and powerful
message to students that these actions will not be tolerated.
All students should have equal and equitable access to a
quality education. No student should be denied a safe
and supported educational environment.

JPEF in its third year and over 200 diverse educational
community conversations advocates educating the whole
child. The valuing and empowerment of “human capital”,
a direction that has been embraced globally.
Education is understood as the key to reducing gender
inequality, reducing generational poverty, preventing
illness through educational nutrition, and promoting
self respect and high self esteem. Educated communities
embrace diversity of all types and a common respect
for intellectual pursuits that encourage economic
growth, cultural diversity, educational equality,
lifestyle acceptance and promotes the growth of a knowledge
economy based on the obtainment of education that is the
new currency.
This new currency (knowledge economy)
by which nations maintain economic competitiveness,
global prosperity and respect for collaboration and cooperation
to solve problems and challenges that threaten humans globally.
Education is inseparable from the development of human
capital that influences human existence globally.

Educational progress and reforms
that go hand in hand with
accountability, realistic educational
standards and benchmarks
and building content strong and
curriculum minded educators are
vital to student’s success. The educational
system needs to be as diverse as the over
127, 085 students in DCPS.
The full time 8,138 educators and part-time staff of 1,282 should
complement the student ethnicity that adorns the classrooms of
Duval County Public Schools, represent the diversity in
culture and colour that graces the classrooms of over 192 schools.

The Progress of Public Education in Duval County Public
Schools was shared by Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Superintendent and
Jacksonville Public Education Fund President Trey
Csar. The strategic plan initiatives were shared by Dr. Vitti,
explaining each area so there was clarity in each initiative.
Educators, parents, and the whole child was addressed, not
leaving out caregivers (grandparents) and community
services that  provide much needed support to the students and
families facing challenges that threaten to hinder educational

Mayor Alvin Brown’s attendance
spotlighted the success of the
Learn2Earn Experience that I’m
proud to have been an instructor
for the past two years.
Despite the economic veto by
Governor Rick Scott for the past
two years, the Learn2Earn Experience
prepares high school
students to be first generation or second generation college
graduates in their families.
To learn more and support Learn2Earn:
The Learn2Earn Experience
Teaching In Learn2Earn
Mayor Brown is passionate and determined to support the
educational success of all schools, having his children
students in DCPS he has a vested interest in successful
educational reforms. Outlining his objectives to expand his
youth summer employment program
and other educational collaborations Mayor Brown is
the “Education Mayor” in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is not the conclusion; it is a continuation of works to
ensure that all children in Duval County have an opportunity
to receive the best education and educational services available.
To help children reach their potentials no matter the
obstacles they may face.
Parents are strongly encouraged to get involved in their
child or children’s PTA and School Advisory Councils to
be a part of the schools decision making team and to
participate in the
celebrated Parent Academies

These services are a foundation to keep education in
Duval County growing and progressive. Preparing
students to be leaders in their communities, role models
to their peers and one day to take the reigns of leadership
as the works continue
to make Duval County Public Schools the best in the nation.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is an independent
nonprofit organization that works to connect research with
civic voice to bring about unified action in
support of universally high quality public schools for
all in Duval County.

Jacksonville Public Education Fund
245 Riverside Ave., Suite 310
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Direct: (904) 394-0951 | Mobile: (904) 351-6671






Duval County Public Schools
1701 Prudential Drive
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