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January 29, 2014

Stop Bullying Before It Starts

Stop Bullying Before It Starts

“What if the kid you bullied at school,
grew up, and turned out to be the only
surgeon who could save your life?” Lynette Mather

The Bullying workshop at Northside Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida
was an opportunity for this community based church to share important
information on how to prevent bullying before it starts.
The young people in attendance from elementary, middle and high school
understand the seriousness of Bullying, along with Cyberbullying and the
threat of potential suicides related to continuous actions of bullying and
The discussions during the workshop at Northside Church of Christ with
the youth and teens centered an understanding and defining of bullying
so there was a better perception of and identification of bullying and
cyberbullying related actions.
Many youth and teens have their own understanding and definition that
must be modified to include behaviors and actions that make youth think
first about each situation that could be a potential situation of bullying.
Personal responsibility is required and building self esteem is important in
helping youth, teens and young adults see their individual gifts and talents.
The presentation “I Will Survive Bullying” (William Jackson)
workshop shared information from an interactive perspective where
the youth and teens are involved by role playing, creating skits that act
out bullying situations that have to be resolved by non-violence and even
integrating videos to guide further discussion.
The elements of critical thinking and higher order thinking skill sets are
used to get students involved in dialogue that empowers and educates
where it carries outside of the classroom and school, extending to the
community and even in churches.

“Be sure of yourself, don’t let anyone
bully you, be a strong and
independent girl or boy.” Nicole Polizzi

The National Center for Educational Statistics
(NCES) reports data that more bullying and
cyberbullying professional development is needed
for school age children not for educators.
There is more bullying in middle school
(grades 6, 7, and 8) than in
senior high school, cyberbullying for middle grade levels it greater
as youth and teens use more social media platforms and learn how to
integrate the tools of diverse communication.
“Beat Bullying” shows that bullying is not just a problem for minority
children; it is a widespread problem that can affect the culture and
climate of any whole school.
Churches are a conduit to empower youth to prevent bullying through
education, raising personal self esteem, and helping youth to understand
accountability for their behavior and actions. Through ministry, counseling,
peer discussion and other methods churches can play a key role in lowering
The discussion about bullying and cyberbullying must grow and involve
youth and teens, not to be silenced, pushed aside nor ignored. The
ramifications are the dangers of suicide and continued violence.
More needs to done to provide workshops, seminars, lectures and
interactive events to help youth, teens and young adults to prevent
bullying before it starts. Education is the key, but on a level that youth,
teens and young adults can see relevance and apply learned skills to
real life.

“Children should be able to
live a life free from bullying and
and it is time that we all took a stand
against this.” Katherine Jenkins

One of the churches greatest missions
is too save souls and lives, bullying
threatens both through harassment,
lowering self esteem, creating an
environment of fear and mistrust. Foundational and consistant work needs
to be done to prevent bullying not just to treat the results which stretch
from childhood to adulthood. Many adults that have passed their youthful
years are still suffering from the results of harassment, physical punishment,
verbal assaults, emotional turmoil and the lowering of personal self-esteem.

The media reports of attempted suicides, suicides, retaliatory violence and
mental illness from depression, fear, mistrust and other diminutive actions
plague millions of adults that were once youth in our schools and even
The work of prevention is needed to stop the cycle and growing season of
bullying plaguing millions of children.

Bullying is A Choice
Make Sure You Choose Smart
Educating and Empowering
Prevention of Bullying and Cyberbullying

Would you like a Bullying workshop for a school,
youth organization, church or community organization.



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