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January 15, 2014

Are Your Social Media Platforms Social Enough

Are Your Social Media Platforms
Social Enough

The Social Media
expansion in the last 5
years has created
a digital atmosphere
requiring individuals,
businesses, and
organizations of diversity
to take a serious look at their
digital presence; Marketing a person, business or
organizations Brand is conducted on multiple Social Media
platforms, but is that enough for 2014 and beyond?

There are multiple strategies, guidelines and policies
in the use of Social Media to gain the attention of potential
customers, consumers of content, collaborators of resources
and thought leaders for growing intellectualism of digital

Financial gain is not always the objective in creating a social
media presence; there are civic and community organizations
that work to gain the attention and support of liked minded
and passionate people. Sharing a passion for change in social
awareness, education and community activism.

Recent events in raising awareness for the cure of breast
cancer, drug prevention awareness, bullying and cyberbullying
awareness, and the growing movement to increase funding by
using social media platforms in various fund raising efforts
has shown that embracing social media is an effective tool
for connecting with diverse populations.
Marketing and Branding is key to success in being seen and
being heard using diverse digital tools.

The flexibility of
connection to diverse
populations and the
expansion in networking
opportunities opens digital doors
for collaboration allowing
unprecedented access for people
to connect, make immediate
and transformative changes
in social issues and influence political outcomes and
electrify the emotional stability of millions of people.

Effectively “Marketing a Brand” whether it is a personal
brand, vision for change, bringing awareness to a social
issue, business interest or an organization, social media
enhances the building of information sharing.
There is a building of you; ”A culture of you,” this culture
is your vision and mission of you to create a social
presence. Your “culture” attracts those of similar interests,
ideas, passions, expressions and importantly a vision/mission
to create potential change.

The social media culture you create allows a cohesiveness,
it is important as you “Market your Brand” you have
carefully crafted, your vision that guides your message,
that identifies who you are and who you want to attract
in like sentimentalism and passions.

Your brand should not be marketable by only one social
media tool or platform; it should be as diverse as the
personalities that will potentially connect with you. An
important understanding is using social media is not a
tool to create separatism it is a tool to unify similar interests,
share a passion for commonality, build a foundation for
growth and bring attention to issues that change either
politically, culturally, ideology, religiously and
affect lifestyle choices.

The power of social tools can be seen in the ability to create
new behaviors; the behaviors ultimately create the basis of
thought development and creation of content that is expanded
on social platforms.

The Darryl for Duval
educational campaign is
an example of
Marketing and Branding
for educational change or as the
campaign states,
“Educational Revival”

This use of Social Media brings a unique connection to the
21st century digital age users of wireless technology.
The Darryl for Duval has a transformative and inclusive
campaign that allows for connectivity with mobile parents
of technology, professionals on the go and parents that are
comfortable with wireless technology.
His campaign also embraces those that are less tech savy
with traditional face to face connections.
In equal relation is the social connection that has been
developed by Journey Into Womanhood (JIW) of
Empowerment Resources working with girls starting in
third thru high school. This rites of passage program,
Journey Into Womanhood is a powerful success story.
This dynamic program teaches girls self awareness,
health, leadership development and more

SM Guideline:

Are your Social Media platforms Social enough
A guideline to evaluate your social in Social Media
is listed here;
1. Look at your Social dashboard and where are you
connected (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinetrist, Youtube,
Vimeo, Foursquare, Yelp, Photobucket, Itunes, Podcasts,
Tumblr and Instagram). Who are you connected to on
these platforms? Do they share similar interests, passions
and a thirst for knowledge? Is there power in your
purpose and collaboration? Does your social media
build relationships
beyond a handshake both physical or digital?
2. Look at your Local influences. Do you promote,
sponsor, volunteer and encourage others locally?
Is sour social presence expanding as your local
influence expands? Are you building on relationships?
3. Political campaigns are embracing the power and
networking of building bridges with parents of diverse
backgrounds. The community connection of Darrly Willie
for School Board in District 4 for Duval County Public
Schools shows that those for a passion to help children
are using new tools to reach like minded and purpose
filled people. Creating an; “Educational Revival” that
is needed especially where children’s needs are not
addressed for improvement.
4. Social media integration and interaction is not always
on a desktop, laptop or tablet. Millions are using Smartphones
and even watches. Mobile technologies use texting, video,
audio and growing web conferencing. Do you
evaluate your social media platforms monthly
for maximum adaptability to devices of today and the future?
5. Do you embrace diversity (cultural); our global connections
are not dependent on one economic influencer. The face of
social media is representative by the colors and cultures
of our world.
There are no geographical boundaries in cyberspace,
social media is a vast platform that should be taken seriously
in the ability to market a brand and expand a presence globally.
Marketing is requiring strategy, planning, policies and
procedures. Branding should have a foundation of passion,
purpose and a place to embrace diversity.
2014 is a New Year of exploration and expansion. Is your
Social Media presence ready???
Administrators and Educations plan to attend the Florida
Blogging Conference – EDU that will focus on education
and Social Media visit to find out more:



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