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January 8, 2014

Fatherhood and Their Teachings

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The recent events at River City theater are an indication that
children, teens, and young adults are seemingly on a path of
self destruction and societal incarceration. These incidents
reported by the media seem to be growing not diminishing.

The holiday season spirit seems to have been lost to merchandising,
corporate sponsorship, materialist gains and even the Black
family spirit has been reduced to not celebrating family unity
and cultural strength, but the accumulation of things. Getting
Jordan’s and Tablets seems more in style than family gathers
based on live and unification to growth and spirituality.

There are many questions that will continue to be asked,
people will be blamed and accusation will start, but the
deeper question is what are our fathers teaching our sons
and daughters about  their actions and behaviors in society?
This is not a judgmental and causational sharing of words, but
a call to Arms for  fathers, grandfathers, uncles,  stepfathers
and those in a surrogate role to step-up and  be involved
in the direction children should go.

There should be no excuses only accountability for the
actions of the youth and young people involved. Their
lives are forever changed, altered by either being
involved or being “caught up” in a situation that was
violent and aggressive.  The blessing is that no one
was killed, shot by law enforcement or a youth
pulling out a fire arm to indiscriminately shoot.

Whose spirit is this playing too? Whose mentality is this
setting a foundation for the New Year in 2014 and beyond?
A calling to all men, your works are not done no matter
your age, profession, religious background, employment
status or nationality.  As a Black man I’m humble enough
to know that all men must work together, our community
must be wise and able to share wisdom and blessings with
our children of all races and cultures.

Have men forgotten that once you plant your seed you are
FOREVER bound to the child, if you abandon your seed
you allow evil the opportunity to take hold and destroy
your children from within.  A mothers prayers, tears,
voice and pain in too many cases is keeping our
children alive and away from incarceration, dropping out
of school and violence, but the prisons are filling up with
young Black faces, the need for involved fathers is a
national crisis. In neighborhoods where men are missing
in action, youth violence is more likely, a recent
University of Michigan study has concluded.

Instead of partying until 2015, instead of drinking another
beer or taking another hit or indulging in another puff
and even another snort or injection; truth be told
reconsider your choices fathers; re-evaluate your life
and refocus on your priorities.

Fatherhood is not a temporary or recreational event it is
a lifelong commitment that all men struggle with even
myself as a divorced father.
No man needs to be perfect, no man needs to be above
question or reproach, fathers need to be there for their
children and doing a fathers job of teaching, mentoring,
modeling and importantly spending time with their seeds.
When fathers are not involved with their children
educational success lacked and there were lower high
school degrees and higher violent behavior among
10-to-24-year-olds, also a University of Michigan
The events of River City should never have happened, look
at the faces of the youth in the videos and the ones arrested.
Will fathers be honorable and involved in directing and
re-directing appropriate behaviors or will they just say
“I don’t see my kids, so I don’t care!!”
How can we go into 2014, a new year without talking to
our children and setting high expectations, higher values,
moral responsibility and ethical actions that define the
better of us not the worse? The involvement of our political
and religious leaders are needed, not for new legislation and
not for scriptural beatings, the need is for teaching to
fathers to be better parents.

I’m not perfect and cannot judge others, only share my
concerns, my hopes, my wishes and my dreams for my
children and the ones in my life that I mentor and even

We all should strive to be part of something bigger in our
lives; our children are bigger than us and should be
the priority.  Spike Lee (Actor, Producer, Director) has
made a profound statement, his words show that it is
time for fathers/men to raise their expectations as
fathers and re-educate themselves from the past
mistakes of their fathers and their own mistakes.
Taking this statement sheds light across generations.

There are deep issues in the Black community that
must be addressed, fathers are accountable and responsible.
Absence of fathers increases likelihood that children
would live in poverty, would use drugs and would
experience educational, health, emotional and behavioral
problems and other adverse outcomes mentally and
emotionally (University of Michigan).
If they are not dependable then 2014 will continue to
worsen and the direction of too many youth, teens and
young adults will slide backwards away from the progress
of our successes fought for in this struggle for civil rights
and human rights.
Fathers; who do you want calling your child’s name
this year or in the future, their name being called during
a graduation ceremony or their name being called for
incarceration proceedings?

Daniel Kruger (University of Michigan), stated from
his study of fathers being involved in their children’s
lives; “Male scarcity is a powerful  risk factor for
youth violence that is currently unrecognized.”

Fathers need to redirect their attentions and priorities,
there is not retirement from parenting.

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