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December 15, 2013

Sex, Lies and Consequences

Sex, Lies and Consequences
by Wm Jackson

Sex, Lies and Consequences was attended
by youth and teens
from the Jacksonville community.
This community event held at
First Timothy Baptist Church, over 100
attended representing middle
and high schools in one of the most diverse and progressive school
districts in Florida; Duval County Public Schools.

The event conducted by the Florida Department of Health of Duval
County providing a format to talk to youth and teens about the sensitive
and serious subjects of sex, relationships, STD’s, Bullying/Cyberbullying
and the physical, emotional and even psychological changes teens go
through as they mature and develop.

The event included role playing,
a mock dating game, discussions by
Juanita Forman (Girls, Inc.) on  the potential
of music lyrics and how
they could affect  relationships between teens.
Kendall McCray, BSH FDofH Duval County guided
the event with professional décor, including humor,
interactivity from the audience of teens and youth.
Kathy B. Griffin, Senior Health Educator guided
events as they transitioned from one session to
another. The staff from First Timothy
was hard working in their service to their church in setting up and
creating a atmosphere conducive to the youth and teens feeling
accepted and supported.

Discussions like sexual relationships, consequences of sex, STD’s
needs to be expanded on  a regular basis to educate youth about the
importance of their decisions when contemplating  sexual behaviors and
relationships. The options available to youth and teens in the forms of
external protection, medical birth control, education and abstinence are
available. Options were presented to youth in sexual activity in a
professional and honest manner.

There is too much mis-information
that needs to be corrected that youth
and teens are learning and sharing with each
other about sex.
Statistical evidence is showing that youth and
teens are having sex, having babies, transmitting
STD’s. This is a statistical fact that cannot be
disputed. Events like Sex, Lies and Consequences are needed to provide
resources and professionals that can speak to youth on their terms and
in their language to make a connection that creates a bond of trust and
cooperation. Proactively speaking to youth and teens before they make
a choice that will have life time consequences.

William Jackson of “My Quest To Teach”
an educator, speaker and presenter
on Social Media, STEAM, Bullying/Cyberbullying
spoke about the advantages
and disadvantages of a “digital footprint.”
Reminding the youth and teens that
their digital footprints can mean the difference between being offered a
scholarship or having one denied. Their digital and electronic content is
being watched, tracked and in some cases if criminal behavior is suspected
they are watched and their actions are documented along with family and friends.
Cyberbullying is on the rise so teens and youth must understand the consequences
of their online activity. Students were reminded that their digital content once posted
will never go away, it will always be available and accessible. Laws are changing
and youth, teens and young adults are in danger of prosecution because of being
involved in Bullying/Cyberbullying altercations. During an investigation
similar to the Cyberbullying incident of Rebecca Sedwick, those girls that
tormented her their electronic devices were confiscated. When reflecting on
this would you want strangers looking at your pictures, videos and family
photos? Having access to all your Social Media information, your families and
friends as well.

The event was hosted by
Every Woman Southeast and
supported by the HIT Team
(Health Information Treatment),
Florida Health Duval County, First Timothy Baptist
Church, E3 Business Group.
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