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November 25, 2013

B.O.L.Dly Collaborating for Community Success

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B.O.L.Dly Collaborating for Community Success
by William Jackson, M.Edu.

Best of B.O.L.D. Parents is a part of the B.O.L.D. Project Afterschool
Program at S.P. Livingston and Eugene Butler Middle Schools and is
a program that belongs to the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida.
The need for organizations to provide quality programs and services for
youth in our schools and communities is vital. Best of B.O.L.D. Parents
is an opportunity to engage, educate and inspire parents to be involved
and active not just in the school learning environment, but also the
community, learning takes place outside of the classroom also. Parents
need to B.O.L.Dly take their children to the libraries, to the museums and
to cultural events.

On national levels schools in Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and other
urban cities, schools are closing because of the lack of funding; economic
issues contribute to lower parental involvement and other circumstances
that affect the stability of the learning environment. Parents should not
allow economics to deny education to their children. Ignorance and lack
of education should not be allowed in any home especially African American
homes where learning should be a priority.

Organizations like Boys & Girls Club are interconnected in servicing youth
and their respective families. Providing much needed service for growth in
multiple areas that contribute to the betterment of communities and cities.
Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida have been integral in their mission
and vision to offer many needed opportunities for social growth that
reinforces community spirit and family strength.

Best of B.O.L.D. Mission is to Advocate for Better schools, Community and
Parent Engagement, these efforts need to be recognized and celebrated
throughout the community. Community and educational collaborations are
vital to creating progressive and positive change in the lives of children and
families. Schools and churches historically have been the connecting force
that has bridged the divide and encouraged more active roles for parents
and community to engage in diverse methods of interaction that builds an
educational foundation that is climbing above challenges affecting families,
this connection is so vital even today.

Efforts of STOP BULLYING NOW – STAND UP – SPEAK OUT are needed
in all communities to educate children and parents. Parents, educators, and
community members even those that do not have children in the schools
need to be involved and active as community support and mentoring. The
expression “It Takes a Village” has new meaning for the development of all
children. Each child is an important member for the future progress of their
community and stability in a foundation for a social structure based on
economic and educational strength.

The Best of B.O.L.D. Parents and Boys & Girls Club is needed in the 21st
century for children to learn higher order thinking, critical thinking skill sets
and the dynamics of social skills that will empower them to be competitive
in our dynamic  and ever changing world in education,

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Florida are providing enriching and relevant
programs, services and opportunities to help children reach their potential
and parents to be better as their child’s first teachers, mentors and role
models. Take a look at what great things are happening when schools are
supported by great organizations.
Parents need to get involved, stay involved and help build a foundation
for their child and family.
“It Takes A Village” educators and educational administrators cannot do it alone.


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  1. William, the phrase “It takes a village” is echoed all throughout of the Jacksonville community. However often times, you see the same faces and hear the same voices at the table. Everyone in the village plays a part in helping our students achieve in the classroom and beyond those walls. How to get everyone involved and willing to play their part is another challenge in itself but I remain hopeful! There’s a need for reading mentors at West Jacksonville Elementary where the Boys & Girls Club does TEAM UP. I’m sure there’s a need for mentors through other organizations such as Communities In Schools as well. I understand the power of mentoring – a couple of years ago I had a mentor! Thanks for your post, I agree we need to collaborate for community success.


    Comment by aletaturner — November 25, 2013 @ 3:42 am

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