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November 20, 2013

Be B.O.L.D Against Bullying in Jacksonville

Ms. Marcia Ellision Wm Jackson Jewel Flornoy








Ms. Ellison – Wm Jackson – Mrs. Flornoy

Be B.O.L.D Against Bullying in Jacksonville
by William Jackson, M.Edu.

The Best of B.O.L.D program at Eugene Butler Middle School
and S. P. Livingston Elementary School is designed to be a unique
collaboration with War on Poverty and the parents of Butler Middle
and Livingston Elementary School.
Community collaboration is important to create positive change
in the lives of children and families. Through the guidance of
Jewel Flornoy (War On Poverty) and B.O.L.D Parent Organizer,
Ms. Marcia Ellison PTA President of S.P. Livingston,
the leadership of Principals and administration of both schools,
activities are centered on creating learning opportunities that involve
meeting the needs of parents not just in the school house, but in the
communities. Building a strong PTA that supports and encourages
parental participation is important for schools academic and community
strength. The Best of B.O.L.D is a growing model for other schools
across the nation.



Students from S.P. Livingston Elementary School

event provided the B.O.L.D Spirit Team a chance to fire up over
100 students attending from Pre K to Fifth Grade. The program
was Emceed by Ms. Roberta Goode, presentations were provided by
Ms. Marcia Ellison, Ms. Latrece Humphrys and the students of
B.O.L.D at S.P Livingston.
Bullying is a ongoing issue in schools nationwide, on buses and
in communities,  there should be continued efforts to prevent Bullying
and provide services to educate, empower and encourage youth from
Pre-K to fifth grade and educating parents that Bullying should be
reported so actions can be taken to stop Bullying.
Several tragic events in Florida and across this nation have shown that
young lives are being taken away because of Bullying and Cyberbullying.
Instead of just watching the statistics grow schools and school districts
need to have professional development for students and parents.
Bullying and Cyberbullying is a reality for many children in schools
across this nation. It will take more than laws; it will take more than
speeches, it will take the collective efforts like War On Poverty, B.O.L.D,
PTA organizations and individuals like William Jackson an educator,
blogger, and community activist to make a difference.

Wm Jackson Ciara Walton Kindergarten Student








Wm Jackson – Ciara Walton (JPEF)  Kindergarten Student

The opportunities of Cyberbullying can happen where children and
teens have unmonitored access to Social Media that allows the
behaviors of Cyberbullying to happen on Social Media platforms.
No parent ever wants to consider their child as a Bully, but the
reality is children, kids, teens and young adults are Bullying and
Cyberbullying with dangerous results.  Parents need to monitor
their children’s actions in school, online, on buses and in classrooms.
Parents must be proactive and communicate with their children high
expectations of good behaviors; parents should observe behaviors,
mannerisms, changes in eating habits, mood swings and  importantly
communicate with teachers and administrators. Signs that parents
need to observe and question are in changing behaviors.
The Best of B.O.L.D is just one organization that is involved in schools,
there needs to be more and additional support in the community,
from educators, administrators, guidance counselors and importantly





B.O.L.D has conducted several Bullying trainings for parents provided
by William Jackson, he has a passion for preventing Bullying,
Cyberbullying, harassment, and other forms where children feel
threatened and fearful. STOP Bullying Now efforts should grow with
the help of attending organizations like Jacksonville Public Education
Fund, Boys and Girls Clubs, War On Poverty, Habitat for Humanity
and New Town Success Zone, organizations working to raise the
learning levels of students, provide parents more opportunities to
be involved.



B.O.L.D has worked with parents and students to continue to send a
message through the building of a mural made from tiles, each tile was
designed to send a positive message that will resonate throughout the
school as it hangs honorably at S. P. Livingston.
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