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October 21, 2013

Are You A Daddy or A Deadbeat

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Are You A Daddy or A Deadbeat
Daddies: Daughters and Sons

Celebrating and Supporting Girls, Inc.
and Save Our Sons, Inc. of Jacksonville

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The creation of a child is one of the greatest
Science has not perfected the ability to bring a
human life into the world without a man or
woman, no matter the scientific advancements
cannot come close to the glory and majesty of God.
There has to be a man and a woman to create a child,
the union of two people that universally provides the
perfect combination of the “right stuff” to allow
something that cannot be reduced to a clinical
explanation about sexual reproduction.

Even though medical science has studied, evaluated,
researched and radicalized birth to a simplistic
rationalization of DNA, genetic structure and
microbiology. Children are a mystery and a Blessing
that should always bring joy, happiness and a sense
of purpose.
A FATHER should be his son’s first hero, and his
daughters first love…”
Fathers if your life flashes before your eyes would
your visions be one of a good dad or a deadbeat daddy?
Daddies have been placed in the important position to
help in protecting, raising, guiding and loving their
children and families.
The title of dad, daddy, father, step-father, surrogate
father comes with a price. The price is responsibility and
accountability to raise children. It is placed upon “His
Shoulders” to be the provider, protector and inspires
his children.
Fathers should be taught that if our hearts are right with
, then, His Spirit will guide us; this still has significant
meaning in the 21st century. Even in the Qur’an fathers
are significant because they are commanded by Allah
to work hard to provide the physical, educational,
psychological, and spiritual needs of a child. Fathers
should have faith to be a good father, to do the right
things at the right time with their children and families.

Father to fathers be not afraid to be fathers. It is not about
money, it is not about treasures, it is not about materialist
desires, it is about genuine love and sharing it with your

Fathers Dance with Daughters

Fathers Dance with Daughters










Societies turmoil maybe because too many fathers are
not guiding, loving and sacrificing for their families;
families are struggling, but to many families are fighting
and not communicating, to many families are trying to
be like images on television and in videos. Unfortunately
too many wives are not willing to be patient and support
their husbands. They want the money, glamor, fame,
and privilege, but don’t want to work to help their
husbands that are doing a good job and providing. It is a
two way street of respect, humility, unity and cooperation.
Fathers be accountable to your children, once that child
is born it is not about you anymore. Mothers let fathers be
fathers, let them do their jobs and not dictate to them how
and what to be. A real wife and mother is prayerful, helpful
and guiding, not like to many mothers and wives that use
profanity, selfishness and threats.
Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops


Divorced fathers you still have a responsibility to your
children, unmarried fathers you are still important
because “your” seed(s) are in this world. You still decide
the direction they take. Step-fathers you are not a
step-down you are a Step-Up in life and a Set-Up to success.
Your successes are a Blessing to those children that may not
biologically be yours, your successes, knowledge,
experiences, and values are a ”Set-Up” to a “Step-Up”
to potential great successes to those children in your life.

Fathering is a learning experience, just as diverse as your
children, your parenting ability to adapt and nurture your
A fathers position is not purchased, bargained for with
video games, Smartphones, Tablets or clothes and shoes.
”A father’s position is earned by his actions.” William Jackson

Fathers can easily be a curse to their families by not caring
or participating in raising children. It takes a real father
to consistently be a Blessing to their children.

”One of the reasons a why a ‘Daughter’ needs a ‘Dad’ is to
show her that not all the boys are like the ones who hurt her.”

As a father that is divorced, an educator, a mentor and active
in my community as much as I can, fathers must pray for
their families, encourage their children, inspire their children,
nurture their wives or the mothers of their children. Fathers
should be a Blessing to their communities and be involved
and active.
People criticize me, mock my words, slander my name,
try to use my challenges to dis-credit my writing, but truth
I have over 20 years experience in education on the elementary
and college level. I see every day the damage done by fathers
that are absent, uncaring, uninterested and damning to their
children’s cries to take time with them. I mentor children that
realize their fathers don’t care about them and I cry quietly
that I cannot do more as I have experienced these same
feelings when I was younger.

Football stadiums are filled with fathers on Fridays:
where are they on Monday thru Friday in their children’s
Where are they on Sunday in churches and ministries learning
about the proper way to be a good husband, a good father and
and dedicated man? Where are fathers in teaching morals,
values and respect to their young and maturing sons? Where
are fathers teaching their daughters that their bodies are
temples to be respected, not vessels to be filled with semen
and saliva.
Why are our prison populations growing, why are young boys
so angry and hostile? Too many fathers are not involved, not
active, not caring and not showing love.

Fathers Are Important

Fathers Are Important











Fathers your seeds are dieing inside, emotionally and
psychologically; daughters in too many cases are
having multiple sexual partners, having multiple children
and dropping out of school, living on food stamps, welfare
and sugar daddies. Thinking this lifestyle is natural….
”Fathers once you create a child your life is not your own
any longer, you have the ultimate responsibility, the
ultimate ownership; the responsibility to help raise the
ultimate living entity a human life…” William Jackson

No man is perfect, all men make mistakes, a real man, a real
father accepts his mistakes, corrects them and moves on
to better decisions and weighs his choices on what is best
for his children not just him.
Fathers each day be a better father, a better dad, a better man.
Get involved in many levels and many ways to Bless your
”If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation
of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal
members who can make a difference. They are the father,
the mother and the teacher.”
Abdul Kalam

Father and Children

Father and Children









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