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September 30, 2013

Florida Blogging Conference 2013

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by William Jackson –
Dawn Heyward – Blogging Conference –

If you like to sit in a room of geeks, nerds, intellectuals,
innovators, content creators, Bloggers, Vloggers,
Multimedia Masters and people that just love to Blog
and love tech, the #FlBlogCon2013 was the place to be.

This years conference was held at Full Sail University
the premier school for learning all aspects of creativity,
and innovation from movies to animation, special effects,
digital musical arrangements, content development, and
beyond. This was the setting for an awesome conference
that blew your senses away with the talents and skill-sets
that rival national conferences that have larger venues.

The size of the conference was perfect providing an
opportunity for almost one on one networking and sharing
of content and engaged dialogue. I had the opportunity to
take my sister (Dawn Heyward) to her first Florida Blogging
Conference hoping to get her hooked into Blogging, it was
a easy fit,.

Over 300 were in attendance seeking to increase their already
diverse skills, Geeks, Nerds, Blerds, Bleeks, introverts,
extraverts, that enjoy the connection of technical intellectualism
and discussion. Bloggers seeking additional knowledge on
tools and platforms to make revenue and those that are
seeking to increased collaboration on projects.

The diversity of Blogging creates dynamic interactive
relationships that are not constricted by physical limitations
of borders, bridges and time zones; tech allows geographic
borders to be crossed digitally.

The emphasis to a successful Blogger is to produce content
that you are passionate about, to “know yourself” to
identify your “Niche,” as you grow. Understand your “Brand”
that you want to “Market” and seek passionate people that
you can provide a service in information and knowledge.
As a Blogger you must connect with people and their
personalities not products, labels, logos, or even personalities
that are designed to sell a service or product. Content is king,
queen and the foundation to Blogging success.


The multiple levels of tools to effectively share content is
broad and diverse. Bloggers cannot rely on just text there
must be an integration of video, audio, multimedia
elements and even music to make not just a psychological
connection, but an emotional attachment. Mommy Bloggers,
Food Bloggers, Daddy Bloggers, Clothing Bloggers and
similar genre are experts in Marketing
themselves because they provide an emotional connection to
memories, feelings, family, friends, and children that pull on
the heart-strings, tickle a persons funny bone or bring about
tears of joy from past memories of family and friends. Even
Bloggers that create controversy and anger are important to
fire the passions for action and pro-action in human interaction
and development.

Bloggers no matter what platform should have a primary and
secondary mission. Thus, the development of a Branding and
Marketing plan is needed. Creating a Media Kit to share is
important to potentially pitch your vision and mission to a wider
audience and potential sponsors that want to make a connection
with you and your audience. It is important that as a Blogger you
may not be creating and sharing content to make money, but you
must know your “worth and value.” Understand that you are
unique and valuable and must see yourself in that light so others
will take you seriously. Another consideration is building a video
portfolio on your abilities, talents, honors, awards and where your
content is shared. This shows that your audience is diverse, broad
and provides you the Blogger to see if you are growing or stagnant.
Analyze, evaluate, assess and strategize how effective your Brand
is and its reach. Don’t be afraid to move past your area and try other
demographics, cultures, genders and even lifestyle choices. The
bottom line is people are people not matter the color, race, culture
or gender.


When the opportunities present themselves attend conferences,
workshops, seminars, meetings, meetups, Twitter chats and other
events to learn, lead and if possible lecture on content creation,
content sharing, digital tools. It is vital for a Blogger of any type to
become that expert, that go to person that people think they need.
Blogging is not always about you creating content it is also about
being a mentor, role model, a teacher and support system for the
next generation of Bloggers.

Those that Blog no matter the style share a bond, a brotherhood and
sisterhood of technical connection and digital diversity that connects
each of us whether across the room or across the country.


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  1. William, I wished that I could have gone this year! My work schedule & having used vacation & sick time to cover back surgery this summer did not permit me to be able to attend! Hopefully next year!


    Comment by Barb @ FL Mom's Blog — September 30, 2013 @ 11:21 pm

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