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September 28, 2013

Suicide Is Not An Option for Bullying

Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying

Parents: Suicide Is Not An
Option for Bullying

October is National
Bullying Prevention Month

Across the nation the school
year is in full swing, millions
of students from elementary to
college/university are in
the routine of educational obtainment.
The focus of this educational
journey is gaining the necessary
skills to be productive and profitable
for future careers. To study hard,
work hard and achieve the goals for graduating high school
and college or seeking a distinguished and proud military

The excitement of the new school year is over and it’s
down to business for 180 days of academic rigor.
The reality for too many students now is that rigor and
academic involvement are turning into social pressures and
fear of Bullying. This school year is still early, but the
tragic events in Florida and across this nation have shown
that young lives are being taken away. A young lady rich
with life and great potential for community service, a student,
a daughter, a friend, a child is no longer here because she
was subjected to relentless Bullying and Cyberbullying.
The results ended in sorrow when she took her life to
escape the torment and anguish of Bullying.
Another family is torn apart wondering what could have
been done to stop the events that lead to suicide. A parent
does not think about their child or children considering
ending their life. They are full of life, full of potential to
positively influence the world.  Parents should not have to
worry about their children’s mental stability, parents should
not have to worry over their child’s safety in school where
this is seen and promoted in many cases as a “Safe Zone”.

Bullying and Cyberbullying is a reality for too many children
in schools across this nation. It will take more than laws; it
will take more than speeches by the President and public
The circumstances and opportunity of Bullying can manifest
from homes where children and teens have unmonitored
access to Social Media sites that allow the behaviors of
Bullying to happen. No parents ever wants to consider
their child as a Bully, but the reality is children, kids, teens
and young adults are Bullying and Cyberbullying with
dangerous results.
Social Media may not seem important to parents at first, but
parents should be cautious to the fact that those that
continue to Bully see Social Media as a free and easy tool to
taunt, tease, curse, degrade and terrorize others. Children
think they are getting away with murder, literally because
they see the chance to torment and no adults to stop them.
They take the opportunities to terrorize, create chaos, cause
confusion, fester fear and harass.

On Social Media sites there will be no teachers, administrators,
school resource officers or other adult authority figures to
stop Bullying. The students being Bullied feel helpless because
the Bullying happens at school, in the community and it seems
in their homes because of the infusion of Social Media through
many digital means.
Students that Bully have the idea that they cannot be punished
by suspension from school, the bus or other disciplinary actions.
They feel they are free to wreak pain and suffering because no
one can stop them.  This may sound overly dramatic, just look
at incidents in Bullying during school and the effects
of near beating death of students recently in Jacksonville, Florida.
Even though events have happened during the 2012 – 2013 school
year, there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of incidents
across the country not reported.

The death of Rebecca Sedwick is even more tragic because she
reportedly asked for help, she sought assistance, but the measures
if any used did not help Rebecca. The escalated torment by
students verbally attacked her, edging her on to take her life.
Posted on news sites from students involved:
“Go kill yourself,” and “Why are you still alive?”
These actions are a violation of Human Rights. Those
involved in her Bullying, up to 15 girls face a high possibility of
legal prosecution because of new laws enacted because of the
growing cases of Bullying and Cyberbullying and there was a
death. Electronic devices can be confiscated as in this case,
cell-phones and laptops have been confiscated and will be looked
at for evidence.

Parents must be proactive and communicate with their children,
observe behaviors, mannerisms, changes in eating habits, mood
swings and children not wanting to go certain places.
Signs that parents need to observe and question, are there
changes in behavior, increasing fear, irritation and defiance.
These indicate a problem that needs to be addressed,
monitored and possibly counseling. Parents talk to your child
about what is going on with their Social Media platforms.
Take the time to look at accounts, look on phones for pictures,
video, text, and even Google your child for what may be
posted online about them or from them.  If you suspect any
type of activity follow your instincts and judgment as a
responsible and involved parent.

Data has shown children will not tell their parents, teachers
and school administrators 80% of the time what is going on
in the school and classroom so parents need to be proactive
and even demanding.  The stakes are too high not to be
involved, not to get involved and not to be aware.

For information and to register to participate go to
Eventbrite and register to participate.

Stop Bullying Now! 1- Mile Fun Walk & Anti-Bully
Boot Camp
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (EDT)
Location: Museum of Science and History, Jacksonville, FL

#Bullying   #Cyberbullying
Parents that believe their child is being bullied can
report bullying to DCPS hot line 904-390-2043
Also, speak to a school representative; Teachers,
Administrators or Guidance Counselors

Stop Bullying Now Foundation

Rebecca Sedwick

Suicide and Bullying

Social Media and Suicide

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